Game Focus: The Witcher Enhanced Edition Review

Game Focus writes: "The Witcher is one of those games which proves that there still is a solid place for games on the PC and while a modified version of the game could easily hit the consoles it would probably lose much of its action role playing gaming charms. Combining a tried and true point and click actions you control Geralt's actions during the games combat and even his specific movements. The Witchers point and click action elements are not the only reason why this game works so well on the PC. It does offer you several different ways to play the game control wise from point and click to keyboard 3rd person control. Each control point offers a new and unique way to see the action and the entire world around you."


+ Graphic update since the original are nice
+ Some major audio enhancements
+ Bonus extras such as missions, sound tracks, etc are excellent
+ Mission editor is very good
+ Game is still an excellent story based RPG
+ Action based but still with some depth
+ Magic system is nice


- Some graphic issues are still there
- Voice over work still does not sound great at certain times, lacks emotion for example
- Gameplay feels limited at times like it is missing something
- Pacing issues with the main quest
- Load times are better then the original but still a pain and interrupt the game too often

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