David Hasselhoff coming to Pain

David Hasselhoff writes:
Hello everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood David Hasselhoff here. I know you're probably wondering "What in the KITT am I doing on the PS Blog?" right? Well…settle down…settle down! I'm here to let you know straight from the Hoff's mouth – I'm coming to PAIN! And it hurts so good! Don't believe me, PEOPLE Magazine just broke the story and I'm talking about it on my blog.

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Fanboy Slaughter3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I wonder if he'll come with a cheeseburger in his hand and utter drunken nonsense as you slam him into an oncoming car.

SL1M DADDY3703d ago

Isn't David one of the biggest super stars in Germany? From what I have heard he is like Elvis over there. If so, this could spur some folks over there to get into PAIN. lol

PirateThom3703d ago

This gen is over.

Sony win with a TKO.


How do you compete with that?

maggotmx3703d ago

u know who they need to add?? CHick norris man the world would implode since he feels no pain haha

Ju3703d ago

You can give him Pain! for that matter. LOL!

SL1M DADDY3703d ago

You saw his "Hop In My Car" video didn't you? lol

Kouzmich3703d ago

This is the biggest WTF moment this gen , to hell with FF XIII going to 360. We just need Chuck Norris and the world will end xD

El_Colombiano3703d ago

Only the cell could cope with Chuck Norris, and that is at 110% load on it!

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The story is too old to be commented.