30 Million Gamers Get Infected: In-Game Ads Rise

From XboxOZ360:

"There is little doubt in-game marketing is growing. IGA Worldwide, who claim they are "the independent leader in the expanding in-game advertising market" said its in-game advertising network now reaches 30 million gamers on four distinct gaming platforms: the PC, Mac, Flash, and the PlayStation 3. They have created development kits that permit game developers to take sections of their games and designate them as capable of displaying ads.

The question is will the artificial world of the game mix well with these intrusions from the real world in a synergy that makes the money-makers happy and the gamers content? Or will these in-game advertisements consume the imaginative world of the game like a plague, destroying the aesthetic with crass tackyism."

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i_like_ff73702d ago

I have never cared about ingame ads. As long as they don't get in the way of the gameplay, im cool.

XboxOZ3603702d ago

Me either, but we "need" them now, more than ever. It's not like it was even just a few years ago (3-5yrs) prior to the On-line Console Boom. Which has pushed game development costs through the roof ten-fold.

It's one of those catch 22 situations, you hate it, but need it, but hate needing it, yet want the product etc.

gaminoz3702d ago

I didn't mind too much when there was the occasional billboard but if this really catches on it could really intrude if they push it furthur.

Or if the advertisers start having influence over the games' content so they can advertise better. We all know what advertisers trying to push their agenda leads to, right Gamespot?

I find it hard to believe 82% or whatever of gamers really think it makes them like the brand better!

XboxOZ3603702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Personally I don't mind them, so long as they are relevant to the game they are in - naturally. It would be stupid to see Nando's advertized in Dead Space, but perfectly fine in say GTA:IV or Saints Row 2 etc.

I know that publishers need to get some of the heavy money back from the huge amounts they pour into games. As development costs alone these days are in the tens of millions, and the marketing and promotions/art/packaging also have huge costs and can run into $US10 million or more per game.

So selling their virtual space is another way of recouping those costs. Hopefully it filters down to a reduced cost at the counter at some stage.

Plus it is an interesting move on the part of the American Presidential campaign, having ads in the latest Burnout (see pic in article) aimed squarly at the younger VOTERS of today to get younger and more diverse President in the Whitehouse . . . Actually a good move if I do say so myself

gaminoz3702d ago

Would be nice to see it filter through as a reduction in cost, but I doubt that will happen. People will just get used to them and consider it normal.

I don't want to see the scope of advertisement increase to filter through to such things as in-game buildings etc. but I can see that no limits will probably end up being set up. While destroying a Mcdonald's with a tank sounds fun, all the in-game advertising could pull you out of the game's intended 'feel' if it goes too far.

NHL games recently have been "presented to you by Dodge", a car that has just come to Australia as a truck only very recently. But I guess we ARE used to ads in sport, so it fits. When it doesn't fit it shouldn't go, but I can see game publishers wanting to make the cash and so making it go....

leeeeed3702d ago

And about time too... Look at all major media, they all have ways to provide some level of in-media advertising. Movies have ad's before and product placement within, as to TV Shows. News has sponsorship and papers/magazine have obscene levels of advertising on seemingly every second page.

It's no wonder that marketing it creeping into videogames and to be honest, it only means good things. It means more money going to devs and pubs to product mroe higher quality games. :D

gaminoz3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Yeah but when you watch some of those movies and they linger WAY too long on a product it pulls you out of the film with a "look at this"! That actually makes me not want to buy the product for being way too obvious and prominant.

On the other hand some movies (eg. James Bond cars etc.) do seem to fit well with product placement properly integrated into the movie.

This is what I'm personally worried about: how it will be done and if it will influence how some games are made. Do you pick a specific environment because it will allow you to attract more advertisers to your game and make you money? Does that mean only modern shooters in Las Vegas like Rainbow Six where you can have all sorts of ads that change? Will all GTA-type games be set in U.S.A. because then you can advertise easier than in an open-world game set elsewhere?

I personally see this growing to be a possible issue, though it isn't one yet.

Hunter863702d ago

Yeah I don't mind as long as it doesnt break up the immersiveness of the experience.

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