Left 4 Dead System Requirements Updated

ShackNews writes:

"Valve has issued a new set of system requirements for the PC version of its cooperative zombie shooter Left 4 Dead. While the list is nearly identical to the previous requirements, it does lower the video card requirement from 256MB to 128MB."

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Fishy Fingers3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

LOL feels like I have just stepped back in time 2 years. Very manageable spec's. Even a recent half decent laptop shouldn't have trouble here.

I should be hitting some really high frame rates even at crazy resolutions. Sweet :)

Perjoss3373d ago

Its very nice that people with older or not so powerful setups can play this (excluding console gamers obviously) but I really think the source engine has slightly overstayed its welcome.

y0haN3373d ago

Perjoss all graphical inadequacies will be forgiven when the gameplay of L4D is proven to us once and for all.

whatis3373d ago

Hope we get a demo soon.

RAF-TECH3373d ago

even with these specs.. the PS3 still can't handle it.


Delta_FX3373d ago

Valve needs to make a new engine...

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