Rumored PlayStation Store Content for 10/23/08

sev1512 of writes:

This week we have what's shaping up to be a great week with some exciting content. The remake of the original Prince of Persion is dropping this week, as well as Penny Arcade Adventures. Also for the stiff price of $4.99 you can download Yoda for Soul Calibur IV.

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mariusmal3469d ago

is the prince of persia classic the same as the xbl one ?
my cousin owns it on xbl and i love the game... if they are the same i'm gonna get this ;)

barom3469d ago

lol this site must be loosing traffic if they desperately put out articles like this. I mean cmon, it's only one more day before we'll find out ourselves and it's not like the content are newsworthy. Had it been a Resistance 2 demo then sure, that would be cool to know, but thats not the case here.

Maddens Raiders3468d ago

now they want to charge 5 bones for one stupid character? HA HA Namco, you can kiss my Jedi a$$.

Megaton3469d ago

Scamco is really going balls deep with the rip off DLC. Putting EA to shame.

TheHater3469d ago

couldn't agree more. Namaco is making me actually like EA this generation.

Why o why3469d ago

when i get them for FREE on N4G

Silogon3469d ago

I always like hearing this stuff ahead of time, so for that PSL is a pretty valuable place.

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addic3469d ago

Does anyone know when Lumines: Supernova is going to be released? Didnt they say October?

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The story is too old to be commented.