Watch Suda51 Chat With Us About No More Heroes, a Killer7 Director's Cut, and More

Suda51 is known for his games like Killer7 and Shadows of the Damned. We were lucky to sit down with the famed developer to talk more about his newest game as well as his older titles.

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Fist4achin49d ago

I love the potty humor from Suda 51. Whatever he releases, you can count me in for a sale!

Venox200848d ago

love Suda51 games.. how about the Shadows of the damned, black knight sword, lollipop chainsaw and no more heroes 1&2 remasters?

CrimsonWing6948d ago

I'd ki--... well, I'd do something drastic for a Killer 7 Director's Cut

gangsta_red48d ago

Would love to see a Killer is Dead sequel

AK9148d ago

Would love a Killer7 Directors cut on current gen consoles.