Firewall Zero Hour Review: Redefining The Shooter Genre In VR - Game Insider

Ultimately, Firewall Zero Hour is the most intense and realistic shooter this critic has ever played. While Firewall borrows heavily from Rainbow Six Siege as a more simplified version of Ubisoft’s e-sport phenomenon, the VR factor makes Firewall Zero Hour a serious game changer.

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chris235103d ago

i was so interested in this. but from what i read on psn this is a multiplayer shooter. not supporting multiplayer games because humans do not improve the game experience. the contrary is the case.

Shadowolf103d ago


If you currently own PSVR I highly recommend that you make an exception for Firewall Zero Hour. While the game is a multiplayer experience, the community here is quite mature as the game breeds a selective group of players vying for a cooperative team based affair.

Bennibop103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Community in this game is fantastic, it has not been tainted by the trolls.

BQ32103d ago

I keep hearing things like redefining, evolutionary, most intense, most realstic, best vr experience, yet these same reviews come in in the high 8s. With all the praise i would think this would be at least a 9 right? I mean mgs5 averaged like a 9.4 lol.

elazz103d ago

Game scores 9: best ever!!
Game scores 8.8: hype was a lie aah

That logic is skewed my friend.

There have been games that scored an 8 but were revolutionary. Everything above 8 is a great score.

If you sleep better at night users are giving it a 9.2 on meta

BQ32103d ago

Why would i sleep any differently? I have not even played the game so i don't know how good it actually us. But the question is posed, and it has nothing to do with an 8 vs a 9, are truly evolutionary experiences being properly rewarded? We know dev teams many times have payment scales tied to metacritic averages. So if somone were to look at a game and see an 8 they may think that it might be decent but when realizing they have to drop a few gundred to play it wont give it a second thought. But if they see a 9 ot a 10 with statements like revolutionary and most realistic, it might just create a desire or a need. If they have truly created something revolutionary let them be rewarded for it, or we will see a limited willingness to create these experiences in the future.

Dagexon103d ago

It's honestly incredible and I highly recommend firewall

BenRC01103d ago

Bet no one's playing it by october

Shadowolf103d ago

I would certainly take that bet! Especially if First Contact (developer) manages to drop some new updates.

BenRC01102d ago

To compete with r6/BFV/cod/Fortnite? All vr games die after a week no matter how awesome they are. No one can be bothered to strap that thing on. Way too many micro hurdles in VR at the minute. Shame because it's awesome.