D+PAD: Fable II Review

D+PAD: It's clichéd but in this instance completely true: you'll literally get out of Fable II whatever you're prepared to put in. Whether you choose to play like our Cosmo girl and live a life of sin amongst the townsfolk, or set out on a gallant quest to rid the world of evil is completely down to you. But one thing that's guaranteed from every standpoint is an endearing tale of courage and responsibility, and one of the most delightful titles you'll find on Xbox 360.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3678d ago

I just got this game.I am currently playing it

Kareshi_X3678d ago

4.5/5 = 9/10 = AAA title.

worth buying people if you are not a BS gamer .

sonarus3678d ago

Why are you so obsessed with that AAA term. 4.5 = 9 AAA run out and buy or else. Folklore also got 9/10 on IGN does that make it AAA. I can name countless games that got 9/10 from 1 site of the other like Lair. Wipeout HD got a 9/10 it must be AAA oh so did Motorstorm it must be AAA oh my God its raining AAA

3678d ago
sonarus3678d ago

Yea but it being a AAA game how does that affect how much you enjoy the game. The original fable wasn't "AAA" and you still loved it.

Call me crazy but i think you just might enjoy this one too if God forbid it doesn't achieve AAA status.

gaffyh3678d ago

I hate all these guys that say 9/10 or above for a game means it is AAA. That's just retarded. Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank are two of the best games I've played this gen and aren't 90%+ on Metacritic, GTA4 and Halo 3 are and they definitely do not deserve to be called AAA (and yes I've played both but I gave up on GTA4, Halo 3 was quite good, but not great imo).

off topic - if anyone has a PS3 and doesn't own wipeout HD, buy it, it is completely worth the purchase. It's a full game for 1/3 of the price.

DiabloRising3678d ago

Sonarus is right. This obsession with review scores and not the reviews themselves, when they often dont even match up, is rather pathetic and stupid. Example - Fable 2 and Motorstorm 2. Both games are said to be better than their prequels in every way, and yet often they are scoring below the first installments at many sites.

So, does that stupid, made up number ruin the game for you all of a sudden? Whats the difference between an 8.9 and a 9? Does it change whats in the packaging? Does it change the fun you have? Can you put a quantifier on fun?

Oh, this game is AAA because in someone else's OPINION it's a 9/10 game. Therefore, this game has exactly 9 fun units compared to the other games 7 fun units! Thus, its a fact its more funs!

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DevastationEve3678d ago

Now begins the chaos! Sweeeeet!

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