Movie Tie-Ins (The Good Ones)

"The videogame industry has a history with movie tie-ins. If there's one thing that many of us can agree on, it's that a good movie does not equate to a good game. However, over the years there have been several exceptions to this widely accepted rule. Here, The Game Reviews will list just a few of the good film tie-ins."

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Hellsvacancy3709d ago

The Warriors on the Ps2 totally rocked

cain1413709d ago

How sad is it that most of these are old consoles...

VirtualKatz3709d ago

To not be able to find a great game that is from a movie now a days is rather disappointing. There are some great movies that would make great games and unfortunately we probably will never see a great adaptation because of the companies making the movie normally fund the game and don't give studios enough time to make a solid game.