EA Getting Sued For $1.5 Million

Composer Gerald Willis is suing EA over the copyright violation of his song "Win With the Rebels," which was used without his permission in ten sports titles.

The song was written, formally, for the University of Nevada, Las Veags. "Win With the Rebels" can be heard in EA NCAA Bastketball games from 2006 to 2009. Willis is asking from $150,000.00 for each copyright violation, bringing the total amount up to $1.5 million big ones. That's a crap load of copyright violations, if you ask me.

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Pennywise3705d ago

How dumb do you have to be as a publisher to add a song without rights?

Majors3704d ago

$1.5 mill is just loose change to EA, it wont hurt them even if they threw it out of their window in 10 dollar bills.