WhatIfGaming: E3 2009 Is Not Public

Usman Ihtsham of WhatIfGaming writes: "Don't cry everyone! Just be happy to know that the ESA just contacted WhatIfGaming to say that E3 2009, to take place June 2-4, 2009 isn't public...."

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The Matrix3707d ago

Yes IT IS. Are they stupid or something?

JoyiusHammer3707d ago's not open to public. It's open to developers.

JoyiusHammer3707d ago

"The event will be open to ESA members and non-members alike. Organizers noted they are expanding the list of companies eligible to participate. Companies involved in console, PC, online, and mobile game publishing and developing, qualified business partners, as well as makers of video game hardware and peripherals can exhibit."

RandalCG3707d ago

They kept saying it would go public..but that's speculation and media hype for you. And last time to trust N'gai Crocodile. As if I ever took him seriously.

3707d ago