GameZone: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Review

GameZone writes: "One of the most popular super heroes of all time (that doesn't wear a cape) is Spider-man. The popularity has only been compounded by the recent movie trilogy. Unlike many other super heroes released at the time, Stan Lee's Spider-man really hit a note with comic-book readers. This could be because many readers can put themselves in Peter Parker's shoes, and understand the reasons for the decisions that he is forced to make all the time. Riding on the recent surge of popularity a new game based on Spider-man has been released entitled Spider-man: Web of Shadows.

People will always have the fantasy of wondering what truly feels like to be a super hero. Unlike dressing up in their house, the only real way to get their fix is by playing the multitude of games available. The problem with that is that most games end up being a very sad representation of the comic book. This trend has started to change with the added power of the new generation of consoles; players are finally getting a true taste of what it feels like to be a super hero. Spider-man: Web of Shadows proves to be such a game. Even though it does have its faults, players will have a blast playing this game."

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hmm mixed reviews... cant wait to see more.