U.S. Attach Ratio Shows Xbox 360 Shooting Ahead

According to NPD data and analysis compiled by Gamasutra, the XBox 360's tie ratio -- a comparison of software units sold for every hardware unit -- is now 8.1 to 1, overtaking the Wii and PlayStation 3's significantly lower tie ratios.

"They can be an indication of the health of a system," says NPD Group analyst Anita Frazier, on the value of tracking tie ratios. "If a hardware system is doing gangbuster sales, then the tie ratio can go down even if there are lots of overall sales."

Gamasutra obtained the following up-to-date statistics on the lifetime tie ratio of the major next-gen consoles in the U.S., up to and including September 2008.

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Omega43679d ago

With 16 AAA must have games on the 360 you wonder if an attach rate of 8 may actually be quite low

With games like Fallout 3, Mirrors Edge, Banjo, Gears and Prince of Persia yet to be released those 16 AAA games will turn to over 20 by the end of the year, and each will easily sell over 1ml with gears selling well over 3-5ml copies by the end of the year likely pushing that attach rate to 8.5-9

PimpDaddy3679d ago

The most games. The best games. Highest attach ration in the history of videogames. Proves that 360 owners are gamers. Thank you Microsoft for focusing on games instead of movies.

ultimolu3679d ago

This was expected, especially in the United States.
But worldwide could have a different story.

PirateThom3679d ago

Highest attach ratio?

Didn't the PS2 have an attach ratio of like 14?

chaosatom3679d ago

yes Omega, Banjo is going to be a super AAA title.

Karum3679d ago

I think you might have a point with it seeming a bit low. I'd imagine that rate would be higher if it wasn't for piracy, by how much I have no idea but surely it would be higher. That said though the attach rate is pretty good.

sonarus3679d ago

Hasn't the attach rate always been the highest amongst the 3 consoles.

If you look at that data its quite clear the PS3 is already catching up. The attach rate for 2008 is pretty much neck and neck for PS3 and 360. But 360 1yr lead was obviously a huge advantage for them

Smacktard3679d ago

Makes me wonder why the 360 has such a high attach ratio. It doesn't have very many exclusives, let alone critically-praised exclusives.

green3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

You do know that there are some people that own a PS3 strictly for blue-ray.If you check their collection you won't see a single game, unless it came bundled with the system.

I can't think of a reason why anyone will own a 360 for anything other than gaming. That is one of the reason why the 360 attach rate is higher because they don't have a skewed install base.

ultimolu3679d ago

green, and there are people out there who actually buy games for the PS3 *and* bluray movies.

It's an entertainment center, not just for bluray.


green3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Did i state otherwise?I know 2 people that dont own any game on their PS3's.They bought it last year when sony was heavily promoting blue-ray in the uk .Sony even went as far as having kiosk's at airports selling the PS3 to people on the strength of their Blue ray abilities.

My friends got theirs on a return holiday trip at a PS3 Kiosk at Victoria Station London(PS3 kiosk's dont exist anymore).They are not gamers in any way what so ever.
But the rest of my PS3 owning buddies are all gamers and own the PS3 strictly for gaming.

All i am saying is that the PS3 has a skewed install base.Which i don't see as a bad thing.

DO you think its a bad thing that they have a skewed install base?

iHEARTboobs3679d ago

I did click it and it wasn't worth it. haha

Karum3679d ago

I'd argue that the 360 does have a skewed install base, in a sense.

How many people bought multiple systems because theirs broke down or upgraded to a new SKU (the Elite).

Either way the install base for both won't have been affected much due to both points (yours and mine) but I'd hazard a guess and say there are more 360s in circulation due to SKU upgrades and replacing busted machines than there are PS3's in circulation, purchased for the sole purpose of being a blu-ray player and not a gaming machine.

lowcarb3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

The PS2 had the worst attach rate known to man kind. I believe it was like 3 to 1 which is pathetic for selling them many consoles. It's going to be hilarious when 360 surpasses them with even less consoles sold.

Edit below: Dude shut it already and just admit that the 360 is kicking Azz! Your attempt at trying to slant the obvious fails by a mile and shows nothing more then the fanboy inside of you. The Wii and PS3 are nothing against the 360 when it comes to software sells and this is something that will continue for years. Wii should by wiping the floor and so should PS3 since they are apparently suppose to have the games this year lol.

eagle213679d ago

Looks like PS3 and Wii are moving for the kill fast.

Wii 5.5
PS3 5.3

PS3 is moving real fast for how many units the Wii has sold. 360 is meh as usual. Basically, the year head start is the only real reason why it's higher. Nothing in 2008 to brag about. PS3 is up 73%. That's worth bragging about.

green3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

The same can be said about any system.I had 3 PS2's because they always broke outside the 1 year warranty but Sony counted my money 3 times as sold to 3 different consumers.At least none of the 360's sold till this present day are outside the 3 year warranty.

To me it's actually pretty stupid of anyone to go and buy a completely new system due to RROD when you can get it fixed for free.The only 360 owners i can see upgrading are people that want to buy a newer system that has an hdmi port.

But how about people that bought the 20gig PS3's and later upgraded to either an 80gig or a 40 gig skw when space became a problem?Not everyone knows that any HDD can work with a PS3.Or people that bought a 40gig, realised that there is no backwards compatability and then traded it for the MGS4 bundle with full backwards compatability.

The fact remains that if Nintendo,Sony or Microsoft says they have sold 10,000,000 units, that does not mean that they sold 10,000,000 units to 10,000,000 unique customers.

And speaking of skewed install base i will be joining the blue ray band wagon hopefully be getting a free PS3 in a few weeks just because i would like to own the dark knight on Blue ray.

Jinxstar3679d ago

Green. 3 year warranty only covers RROD.

MS counts consoles shipped not sold. Ala "You get a new console due to RROD" Thats a shipped item. Hence a sold item.

Fishy Fingers3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Highest attach rates.

NES ~ Total - 8.096
Gamecube ~ Total - 8.945
Xbox ~ Total - 8.945
PS ~ Total - 9.367
PS2 ~ Total - 9.885

Edit: That^^ was 2006 PS2 might be higher now.

ultimolu3679d ago

Well green, fine then.
But I'm getting a little annoyed with people just referring to the PS3 as being just a bluray player.

It's also a videogame console as well.

I see the disagrees work their magic these days.

lowcarb3679d ago

Thats not good for having 100 million consoles sold, and if you would of been talking about US sales then the Xbox outsold PS2 in software at the time.

wallace10003678d ago

I totally agree that people shouldn't be calling the PS3 just a movie player. The PS3 is definitely more of a media center than the 360 but then again i do believe that many people did buy the PS3 purely for its blu-ray capabilities. For about 6 months at futureshop they were giving away PS3s with sony HDTVs in order to push blu-ray, so that will definitely hinder the PS3 attach rate when people get a PS3 and just play movies with it.

tocrazed4you3678d ago

artard... they included the sales of games for the xbox 360 when it was first released A YEAR AHEAD OF THE PS3 AND WII of course the attach ratio will be higher look at the one just in 2008 see how much lower it is... The ps3 is catching up and the wii did sell more in 2008 than the xbox 360.

Karum3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

You make a few valid points that I agree with, each console will have a skewed install base in a sense, you basically just built on what I said and expanded it to another platform. No doubt there are some people that did buy a new PS3 to upgrade their hard drive but for anyone that read the user manual I think they'd know you cna upgrade as I'm fairly certain there are instructions in there on how to do it but ofc I believe you're right not EVERYONE will have known about it, I know I didn't until I seen an article on how to do it on gamespot of all places.

I'm sure a decent number probably "upgraded" to that BC MGS4 bundle too, at least the hardcore that were willing to spend the money on it that really wanted BC, how many that would account for remains to be seen.

I'd agree with what you originally said about some people buying it solely as a BR player but I think a lot of people (I don't think you're seriously one of them though) overexaggerate how many people will actually have bought one solely as a BR player, I think the percentage would be very low.

I think what we can agree on and probably leave it at is that the install base for the 2 consoles at the moment are both somewhat skewed for one reason or another, how skewed it is is something I doubt we could even speculate on with anything remotely like an accurate figure (percentage or otherwise).

I'll give you bubbles for sensible discussion as it is appreciated :D

cmrbe3678d ago

1. The x360 came out 1 year before the PS3.
2. The x360 mostly caters for the hardcore gamers that tend to buy more games.

Number 2 is also the problem with the x360 long term. For the x360 mainly focus on gameing alone. Its experiencing decrease in sales since Launch. The PS3 for example appeals to a broader market with the fact that its multimedia functionality is unmatched hence not ONLY gamers buy the PS3.

The collection of PS3 games is increasing. I counted about 500 x360 games to about 300 PS3 games. Naturally this would lead to more x360 games sales but in time the PS3 game collection will catch up and so will the attach rate.

Mini Mario3678d ago

"1.1 - Couldn't agree more
The most games. The best games. Highest attach ration in the history of videogames. Proves that 360 owners are gamers. Thank you Microsoft for focusing on games instead of movies."

Now im not a mathematician or anything (so plz prove me wrong). But if the wii has approx 2x more systems sold....doesnt that mean they will sell twice as many games anyway..........purely based on systems sold being twice as much.

Say the attach rate for its 30 (or whatever it is) million consoles is 5.5

And say the attach rate for the 360's 15 million conles is 8....doesnt that mean they would still have to sell more consoles to literally sell more games than the wii. Coz really that attach rate is for systems sold as well...and as far as i know the wii has sold twice as many....

So really how does that mean anything?

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PirateThom3679d ago

I'd love to see the world wide attach ratios.

I can imagine Europe and Japan being a lot different.

Gam713679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

What about this? what about that?
what about the story at hand?
What if it's not a different story for the rest of the world?

Of course when you don't like what the story says dismiss it and look elsewhere to bag on the system whilst making yours look good.

The true sign of an insecure owner.

edit: then prepare for ps owners to have Japans attach rate dissected and twisted to suit them or just dismissed.

I guess the amount of traded ps2 games and the adolescent age range of it's owners would also be considered a bad thing?

For games to be traded they have to be sold in the first place and I doubt the age range is different for ps3 owners. Sure a lot of coffin dodgers might have bought them but the bulk will be the same as 360 and wii.
It is teenagers and students who buy the most consoles.

v1c1ous3679d ago

360 in japan has a higher attach ratio than ps3 as well.

but the again, not a lot of hardware means software sales in comparison are bigger.

morganfell3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

There is another issue at hand as well. They say attachment rate and I say attached? Orly? No they aren't that attached. Go into a Gamestop and look at the wall of traded in 360 games. Something should be said for quality, not quantity. Mass sales does not equal quality but rather it is often mere susceptibility to advertising influence and seeking the game you don't want to run down and trade in after a day or two.

Maybe something else should be said for the average age of 360 owners and the short attention spans that come with adolescence. None of these factors are being considered. Yes the 360 has a higher attach rate. No issue. But if you like quality then such numbers are not the best litmus test.

@Gam71, the type of thing you talk about happens here all the time. How fool proof are you if I start looking at your past postings? You aren't because the same thing you accuse others of can be found in your own posts.

If you want to see real insecure owners go to metacritic and look at what the anti-LBP and anti-R2 crowd are trying to do to titles not even out yet. There is no where near the reciprocation on 360 titles either. That is real insecurity.

S before you climb up on your Hi ho Silver, make sure you tidy your own house.

v1c1ous3679d ago

that is one of the most retarded arguments i have heard on N4G....

go into a gamestop and look at amount of titles returned? have you seen the ps2 section?

morganfell3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

You mean the 360 is a last gen machine too with as many titles as the PS2 has produced over the past 8 years? Wow, better tell the world history is wrong. And in the local Gamestops around here the 360 wall almost equals the PS2 wall. Thanks for pwning yourself in public.

And where do you get the audio versions of the board on N4G?

Gam713679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

You'll see that I don't go into ps3 threads and spread lies. I do however challenge ps trolls when they come into 360 threads to hijack.

I guess as i'm a 360 fan and not putting up with the lies on here i am "tidying my house" Now if you could stick to yours and stop soiling mine that would be appreciated.

You want to talk about fans hating games on other systems?
forget lbp and r2 and look at gears and halo?

Go to their threads on here then go to lbp and r2 threads and tell me who is insecure and trolling.

Hint, the ps threads are largely clear whereas 360 threads...
well you're here so that proves my point about spreading lies and trolling.

morganfell3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Laughable. Another self pwner. Been in any LBP threads? Yes you have. What about threads discussing if Sony lied? Yes you have. Over the past two weeks you have behaved but when one goes back a little further there are plenty of PS3 threads you have entered and your comments have been, shall we say, less than kind. Or truthful for that matter. So you can stop already with the wounded pride and innocence business, it reeks of an emo mindset.

Again, go to metacritic and show me how they have driven the scores of Gears 2 down to an absurd level. Actually don't. You talk about people dragging something in from another story and the first thing you do in response to my comments about LBP and R2 is to say, "Oh yeah, look at Gears..." Blah blah blah. You know, you are doing exactly what you accuse others above of doing. Getting off track. Nice try, actually not, because it doesn't fool anyone for a second. You are as those you accuse.

And acting like LBP isn't the most trolled and attacked game on this board is a joke.

Gam713679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Plenty of times in ps3 threads spreading lies? Nope.

I have been in the open zone sparring with nasim, pain and lord yoshi but even thats a rarity and only in retaliation to there constant need to attack the 360 so try again.
Oh about about sony lying I didn't post anything they hadn't said and i had the links to back it up whereas you are making assumptions.
I'm nothing like you. You're here spreading lies in a 360 thread and in the gamer zone. Reading your comments you haven't behaved... well ever and certainly not in the past few days.


you act like lbp should get 100% scores. ps3 fans here don't accept that anyone can choose if they like it or not but they should.
Yet when someone likes halo they're all over them and the game.

oh and halos scores were lowered by ps3 fans
and gears

but you chose not to see that didn't you.
PS fans acting like xbox fans your accusing but being quiet about their actions
Proving my point.

and you fail again

And do you honestly believe that lbp is the most attacked?
too human? anything halo? anything gears? anything 360.

They do say you see yourself in others.
Well I havent been in the ps3 open zone attacking the ps3 so i don't know where you get that from
Go get a clue.

morganfell3679d ago

You act as if someone can only spread lies in the open zone. Now you are just being naive. You did what you did, the guilt is all over you so anything else you have to say in cries of innocence are well tainted. What a joke.

HALO3 user score is 7.4. Surprised? The game has been out for a year. Maybe someone didn't ike it. Whereas LBP ISN"T OUT YET OR DIDN'T YOU KNOW THAT? Yet it already has a lower score than HALO 3 based on more votes as well.

The Gears 2 SCORE just started dropping in the past 2 days. Apparently you are just now trying to leap to the defense of Gears 2 or else you would have known this was discussed on the metacrtitc boards as a form of retaliation BEFORE IT EVEN BEGAN. How long did you expect PS3 fans to stand by? Where were you with that longsword of justice? Hmmmm? You weren't there or you would have known about this situation. One more debater ill prepared and cut down by the facts.

That which you sow shall you also reap. I am an atheist but you deserve someone to get biblical on your ass over this.

Fact: The LBP scores and R2 scores were rammed down long before the Gears 2 score. 360 fans are just getting what they blatantly asked for. Because nothing makes a demand more loudly than an action.

I chose to see all of that. Yes I did. Only unlike you I chose to see the facts rather than what makes me curl up at night and sleep well beside an overheated 360.

Using Too Human with the damnation that titled recieved is a joke. and you are asking for what I am about to do to you. Just remember, you dragged Too Human into this so here are some facts for you pal.

How many Reviewers gave Too Human 100s or 10s? So when Too Human has ass review scores it can be expected it will have ass user scores. That's what happens when a game is ass or didn't you know that. I guess you chose not to look at all those Too Human ass scores.



The scores for Too Human range from 90 to 20. The user score is 7.3. Of the Review scores, 54 are at or below the user score. Only 21 Review scores are above the user score. If anything, 360 fans have done their level best to inflate the user score.


Halochampian3679d ago

after reading your posts... how old are you?! seriously??

You are acting very childish with your immature "YOU FAIL"

and you, my sir, are the person "pwning yourself" in public.

3679d ago
Kuest3679d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Morgan, you would be wise to simply "tread softly out the backroom door" of this debate. Your initial declaration, regarding 360's attachment rate IS without a doubt the dumbest argument I have ever come across in N4G, as Vicious correctly noted before me.

You delirious spiral into the social merits of USER reviews only further demonstrates your lack of focus, and genuine interest with regards to this particular article. Literally, i could discern little more from your post than an incoherent logomachy of vowels and constants; words and sentences miraculously combined together in a way that would make even a 2 year old seem intelligent.

In response to your argument regarding 360's attachment rate, the fact of the matter is the numbers speak for themselves, not only in Attachment numbers, but game sales as well. Clearly, someone is buying, and considerably more than most PS3, or Wii consumers.

Of course, if you disagree, please provide evidence that the PS3 boasts higher numbers than the 360 Attachment Rate, or that the 360 numbers have been inflated/misjudged by the NPD. Otherwise, kindly troll elsewhere.

Firstkn1ghT3678d ago Show
3678d ago
Gam713678d ago

Morgon, since when do you use facts?

I only skimmed your thread as I thought it would be pointless.
And I was right.
Seems people agree with me.

Keep trolling and accusing everyone else of doing what you do.
Keep blaming xbox owners for doing this first and remaining oblivious when ps fans do it first.
And keep ignoring the article and whats in it then changing the discussion to something not even remotely to do with in the hope you'll win.

Anyone-The xbox is getting a dashboard update soon.
you-the ps2 sold 120mil consoles. Has the 360 done that?
as a made up example but I wouldn't be surprised if you have done that before.

0verdrive3678d ago

his arguments seem fine to me. granted, they may be a bit off topic, but they are clearly stated and supported. firstly, i dont think anyone is trying to dispute that 360 attach rate is higher than ps3. however, if you actually look at the graphs, they show that the disparity between the two systems is closing. finally, the arguments morgan posts about deflation of scores really is a big deal, and does show that there is a fairly large userbase(who obviously have not played and probably will not play those sony based games) who are fanatically brand loyal and will unethically try and sway people away from purchasing said title.

Kuest3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Perhaps, you should visit my glass house, breath easy, and inhale the clean air without the miasma of weak sauce comebacks. Again, if you hold Morgan's comments to be true (with regards to attachment rating), PROVE IT.

In response to Overdrive's response: My friend, you need to supply some sort of evidence to back up your claims. With regards to USER reviews, did you not read the editor's comments at the bottom of the metric page? Such opinions are not absolved into the overall critical consensus, but are rather treated like a forum for gamer expression, which will always turn ugly. To reference such actions, especially within this thread, makes little sense, as they cannot possibly affect game sales, or its critical PERCEPTION for that matter.

Professional reviews are stellar thus far, period. No one cares about user reviews.

green3678d ago

"Professional reviews are stellar thus far, period. No one cares about user reviews".

@Kuest: You definately struck the nail firmly on the head with that statement.

0verdrive3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

i think it is unfair to say that NO ONE will be swayed by user reviews. granted i agree that the majority of everyone looks at professional reviews but there are some people out there who do take user reviews into account when basing their decision to buy. to assume that everyone is going to disregard user reviews would trivialize their existence all together. if everyone believes that user reviews do not actually mean anything, no one would go out of their way to deflate a games score, which many people seem to be doing now.

about the facts, i assume you are referring to my claim that the disparity is lessening, and i base this off of the fact that the ratio of xbox:ps3 is getting smaller, and the software per console ratio is growing evenly (slightly in the ps3s favor, according to those graphs), when comparing sales in the past. im not claiming that ps3 is beating 360 in any way, im just saying that with more ps3s and static software growth for both systems, its doing much better than seemingly everyone here believes it is.

i suppose we agree to disagree about user reviews. i still think that they hold some bearing on whether or not some people who are on the fence will decide to buy or not. how much it affects people, perhaps a little, perhaps a lot, but i believe they are worth something.

on a side note, hooray for civilized discussion. i havent been on this site for long, but i am really irritated by fanboyism already. cheers for civilized and intelligent discussion

Kuest3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

In essence, one must acknowledge that its inherent utility is not necessarily to provide another source for consumers to sift through, but rather to allow users a forum for expression.

Your analysis of the PS3/Xbox AR difference is excellent, and thus I award you bubbles for your valiant efforts. However, I maintain that Morgan's comments were not nearly developed as yours.

3678d ago
3678d ago
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iHEARTboobs3679d ago

360 appeals to gamers whereas the PS3 appeals to gamers as well as those interested in Blu-ray. If you're only interested in games you more often then not might lean towards the 360. If you want both, the PS3 is the best option for not that much more.

kornbeaner3679d ago

Thats always a good sign, given the growing economic issues that plague this country it's good to know that people are still willing to pay for a good time.

One a side note I am surprised to see how well the PS3 ratio is doing, this time last year I remember their Attach ratio being 1.3 or some pathetic [email protected] number.

Viva gamers and thier open wallets, the only people not worried to spend money as long as they have a good time with it. If the rest of the country were the same way we wouldn't be having these economic issues right now.

GAMERS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captain_Sony3679d ago

PS3 never had an attach rate that low. it was around 3 or so until around Nov of last year when it hit 4 games. I guess it was a good move by Sony to sale partially completed games like GT as full retail. The 3 or 4 they did it with really seemed to have padded the attach rate and makes things look much better than they did. .

iHEARTboobs3679d ago

What 3 or 4 partially completed games are you talking about?

As for GT:P, it wasn't priced at full retail, it was $40 when released, not $60. With that $40 customers received one of the best, if not best, looking racers out there with a good amount of cars, tracks and online play. If people didn't think it was worth it they didn't buy it. It's a prologue.

kornbeaner3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Follow the link Captain, I wasn't wrong.

I was just off on the timeframe but the attach rate was exremly low at one point.

Nugan3679d ago

My big surprise from this article:

The Wii's ratio (5.5) is almost indentical to the PS3's (5.3). I expected it to be considerably lower, given the perception that many consumers buy the system only for Wii Sports and/or Wii Fit.

Perhaps the fact that Wii games are, on average, cheaper than those of their competitors, encourages more sales than you would expect.

As far as the Xbox ratio is concerned, this doesn't surprise me for North America. It does not seem either high or low, considering the amount of time it has been on the market, the number of systems sold, and the quality and quantity of available titles. It will be interesting to see if we'll have a closer fight a year from now, since both the PS3 and the Wii are expecting a number of major titles in the next twelve months.

cherrypie3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Xbox 360 is outselling PS3 in Japan 6 weeks running. Xbox 360 outselling PS3 worldwide. LBP delayed. SOCOM shiats the bed and goes TERIMNAL flop, totally Dead on Arrival. Xbox 360 attach rate "shooting ahead". NXE incoming. Gears of War 2 about to break sales records (you watch). Fable 2 gets fantastic reviews. Left 4 Dead about to be a breakout hit. Banjoo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts getting rave previews.

Are *any* sony loyalists ready to admit that maybe -- JUST MAYBE -- Sony might be getting left behind here?

ceedubya93679d ago

the Wii is also home to some sequels to old favorite Nintendo franchises like Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros., and Mario Kart. You can probably throw Metroid in there too. The Wii fan base is composed of a lot of casuals these days, but it might be safe to assume that there are some Wii60 or PSWii gamers out there that are at least buying these games to go along with the Wii Sports and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics games. I think that ratio doesn't surprise me too much.

Capulous3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Does the bundled Wii Sports count toward the attach rate? If so, that automatically gives it a +1 to every system sold.

I have around 15 Wii games, most I regret purchasing. The only ones I enjoy are Wii Sports, Wii Play (I play these with my two nieces), and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles.

titntin3678d ago

Careful mate - your comment came dangerously close to being rational and with little bias - both things that are no longer appreciated by the majority on here.

As for the attach rates, it would be suprising indeed if a system thats been on the market longer didn't have more game sales per unit, certainly in the earlier years of a machines life.
If I bought games at the same rate for my 360 and my PS3, I'd have twice as many titles on the 360 because I've had it twice as long. Its not rocket science, but the 'boy warriors' will spin it till your dizzy...

Just another day on N4G :)

pavarotti3678d ago

going by that, then the ps2 should have an attach ratio of 30 games to every console! considering how long it's been on the market, is as cheap as chips and still has a section in every game shop.

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