Introducing a new Remedy project: the Vanguard initiative

The small “Vanguard” development team will act with a startup mentality within the stability of a large company. Its mission is to challenge conventions and to prototype and ship new types of ongoing live multiplayer game experiences, alongside our established and growing core game development teams and the Northlight technology group.

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-Foxtrot104d ago

"Its mission is to challenge conventions"


"and ship new types of ongoing live multiplayer game experiences"


I've never once played a Remedy game and went "You know what would make this game even better? Multiplayer. Boy I'd love a multiplayer mode in any form within this Remedy game"

Neonridr104d ago

very true.. they make great single player games.

-Foxtrot104d ago

They wasted their time doing silly live action crap in Quantum Break which obviously wasted resources and the like they could have spent on the core game and you know...actual gameplay

Doing multiplayer just seems like a bigger waste to be honest, especially opening up a studio for it.

Neonridr104d ago

yeah they definitely tried to do too much there. But Alan Wake was one of my favorite 360 games, hands down. Very well written.

magekyou104d ago

"They wasted their time doing silly live action crap in Quantum Break which obviously wasted resources"

Wasted their time? Wasted resources?
Lol, they did what they damn well pleased as creative developers. No waste or waste of time. They got better at their craft, and they delivered exactly what they wanted to deliver. And they made money doing that, proof is they're still around, while people like you overthink and criticize their business decision, ironically making much less money than Remedy, and never ever reaching the level of mastery of their craft.

But hey, nice work out on those fingers writing that rant.

RememberThe357104d ago

Whatever the hell your trying to say is great but those cut sense we're almost Need for Speed bad.

I didn't get through half the second episode before I took the game out for good.

DerekTweed103d ago

I really enjoyed Quantum Break. More than I enjoyed Last of Us or Uncharted or Rise of the Tomb Raider. Different people like different thing, Try to remember that,

gamer7804104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

thats unfortunate, what we are really lacking are good single player games with a focus on character and story. Thats what I liked about remedy games. I still hope one day we'll see Alan wake 2. I know Control is supposed to be that, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be focused on story or character, just gameplay so I'm not super excited for that game.

AK91104d ago

No thank you I'm an SP guy.