The Dark Knight Blu-ray Bat Pod Details and Images

"There's been a lot of confusion surrounding the status of Warner Home Video's The Dark Knight Blu-ray Disc release, namely the Limited Edition set." Includes new high-res images.

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elshimiablo3620d ago

Dark Knight will also boost blu ray and ps3 sales this fall

Rick Astley3620d ago

The Dark Knight is going to break Blu-ray sales records.

Blasphemy3620d ago

Yeah I can't wait until it is released. I have got to get this in HD.

Lifendz3620d ago

"Do you wanna know how I got my scars?"

Day one purchase for me. RIP Heath. Your performance was legendary.

dj_funky3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

yes it will sir.. yes it will sell alot.

i just got incredible hulk last night and all i can say is the green guy never looked so good in blu.

edit: oh wow.. i made a funny.

PSWe603620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

on Blu-Ray alone will break sales records for all digital media. 1st day buy for me for sure.

ultimolu3620d ago

Holy crap.
Definite must buy.

Raoh3620d ago

already got mine on reserve. not the bat pod one though.

i realized a long time ago that all these special editions are worthless unless there is actually extra content worth having on the disc itself.

i have closets full of special edition crap that i cant put anywhere and aren't really special edition at all. it just says it LOL

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