PSP Pandora Deluxe v2.4: now with 5.00-M33 support

PSP homebrew
dev DJB has updated the PSP Pandora Deluxe app to work with the new custom firmware 5.00-M33 and to fix a few bugs discovered in the last release. The app now stands at version 2.4.

Apart from the 5.00-M33 installer, DJB has also included the 5.00-M33 1.50 kernel addon in this release along with a couple of updates to the app's available support tools. Here's the full changelog for PSP Pandora Deluxe v2.4:

* Fixed installation bug with NetConfBackup.
* Added the 5.00 M33 CFW Installer + 1.50 Addon.
* Updated the following Support Tools:
o Hellcat's Recovery Flasher 1.40 (Pandora)
o FuSa SD 1.0.47 (XMB (5.00 M33 Compatible))

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