ZTGD Review: Bioshock

ZTGD: "Last year Xbox 360 owners were treated to one of the most incredible gaming experiences of all time. BioShock broke new ground in the art of story-telling and immersion with its underwater utopia setting of Rapture and the morality of forcing players to choose between what is right and wrong. 2K Games is now giving PS3 owners a chance to experience this incredible game with a few extra incentives (promised through DLC) as well as harder difficulty to try and entice everyone who has already experienced it to take a second dip. The bottom line though is that now no one has an excuse to not play through one of the best games ever created."

+ Incredibly atmospheric
+ Wonderful art direction
+ Fantastic story and pacing
+ Has a phenomenal twist

- Escort missions still suck...even a year later

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