Videogamer: Construction Combat: Lock's Quest Review

Videogamer writes: "Lock's Quest, the 5th Cell (Drawn to Life) developed DS strategy title, is as good a tower defence game as you're going to get on a handheld. Everything you could possibly want from the increasingly popular genre - waves of enemies and structure building - you'll find here, wrapped in a sugar-coated, almost anime art design that's sure to appeal to hardcore and more casual players alike.

As the wonderfully self-explanatory title suggests, you play as Lock, an orphan who dreams of one day becoming an Archineer (a combination of an architect and an engineer). His small seaside village is invaded by a Clockwork Army, similar in design to the Golden Army in Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy 2, and his sister Emi is kidnapped. Lock finds himself caught up in a war between the Kingdom Forces and the Clockwork Army, led by the evil Lord Agony. It's all over Source, the world's natural resource and a dead-ringer for oil. It's even accessed via Source Wells, which, by the way, you'll spend a lot of time protecting in the many missions Lock needs to complete as he works his way up the Archineer food chain and hunts down his sister."

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