IGN: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Review

IGN: "Early last year, I stated that Spider-Man 2 was one of my favorite PlayStation 2 games of all time. Think about that for a second -- all time. Now, I'm not telling you that it's a better game than God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, or any of the other hundreds of great games Sony's console brought us; what I'm saying is that Spider-Man 2 was one of my favorite games to play. Even after I had bested Doc Ock, I could swing around New York and stop crimes, gather collectables, and take in the city that never sleeps. At the time, I thought the game had laid out the perfect blueprint of what a superhero game should be, and I believed that Activision got it and would expand the idea when the next generation of systems came around."

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Pennywise3708d ago

Oh come on!!! I was hoping this would be good.

Silogon3708d ago

Sony, buy the rights to Spiderman's game-sake and give it to someone internally who knows what they're doing.

jtucker783708d ago

Let's be honest, with the Fall line up on the PS3 and 360 this year were any of us going to buy this?

At least this absolves us from spending more money.

KillahCam3708d ago

Yeah but I was looking forward to this it had so much promise this is why i need a Gamefly account so I can give my own review on this without feeling like I got robbed.

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