Four Add-On Packs Announced for Sins of a Solar Empire

GamingShogun writes, "Kalypso Media has announced that they are working on four add-on packs for their 4X game, Sins of a Solar Empire, the first of which is due out at the end of this year.

The first Add On will include:
- Star Bases, which can be customized and upgraded over time
- Race specific Star Bases which will have a unique variety of upgradable characteristics. The ability to upgrade your Star Bases is limited so players will have to think strategically and plan carefully..."

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TheIneffableBob3706d ago

SoaSE is an incredible game.

It's amazing how they spent only about a million dollars to make this game.

S4NDM4N3706d ago

And they sold so many copies. When it released it was the best PC selling game for that month. Awesome game. Whenever Stardock has their name on a box, it will always be good. Gal Civ 2, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Demigod looks like another great game.

f7897903706d ago

Thats what I do with any RTS. I just wait for all the expansions to be thrown together.

Bolts3706d ago

I'm sorry these packs are dumb and might ruin the good will with the fans. First there is the obvious problem of splitting the community which isn't very large to begin with, then there is the question of value which is at best, questionable. Traditionally PC users have always shun against micro transactions and console style DLC. I doubt these "micro-expansions" will buck that trend.