Gears Of War Cultural Differences In Japan and Germany?

Analoghype: A spokes person from Microsoft has told Edge that Gears of War 2 will not be released in Germany or Japan. The reasoning behind this is currently unknown, but my senses tell me its either because of cultural differences or graphic violence. If this is the case then this is an ongoing issue that I feel needs to change.

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chaosatom3704d ago

wow. Ps3 = win in JAPAN.

WHITE Chronicles FTW!

PistolPumptMonk3703d ago

This is such a strange concept to me, when a game as big as Gears of War 2 in the states isn't released in another country due to "cultural differences."

Thats like saying the states shouldn't get Final Fantasy XIII because of "cultural differences."

I'm sure there are people in Japan and Germany who enjoy TPS and FPS games, just like there are people in America who like anime and JRPGs.