Sarcastic Gamer reviews Zombie Uprising! has a full review of Zombie Uprising, the game within Saint's Row 2 that may just upstage the sandbox thug life simulator altogether.

From the review: "Zombie Uprising may just be the sleeper hit of the year. It's got zombies, chainsaws and zombies getting chainsawed. It rocks. The only problem? You won't find it on any store shelf. You won't find it on PSN or Xbox Live. You can't download it from Steam.

Zombie killin' goodness, after the jump.

Hail to the king, baby."

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Silogon3706d ago

Yes, it is absolutley awesome; but it isn't fully realized just yet.

the problems:

It's a game inside a game (litterally)
You can't play as your own character
You can't traverse the city streets fighting them "a real shame"
No cars
Only 1 location
Shoddy respawn character looks weak as hell
You can simply stand on the curb to kill all 300 zombies required to beat the game and they can't touch you

I wish they would've made the zombie portions of the game accessible inside the real game and city, cause that'd have been the absolute best game ever made.

3706d ago