NWR: Gardening Mama Impressions

The Cooking Mama series has proved to be a successful for Taito, but now instead of making a cooking trilogy, they have gone a new route with Gardening Mama.

Anyone familiar with Cooking Mama will immediately be at home with Gardening Mama. Instead of choosing a recipe to follow, players choose a particular fruit or vegetable they would like to grow.

In the Tokyo Game Show demo only two flowers were available to grow, and NWR chose to grow some tulips. The first minigame is simply picking out the best looking bulbs, requiring players to pick out one that matches the picture on the top screen. It may sound simple enough, but you also had to open the bag of bulbs first, that involved taking out the staples and cutting the top off. Sorting through five bags of bulbs to pick out five that were perfect turned out to be quite challenging within the time limit.

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