Halo: The Master Chief Collection - MCC Update

Welcome new and returning Spartans to the updated and enhanced Halo: The Master Chief Collection! The latest major game update is beginning to roll out today, 8/27, in preparation for MCC’s inclusion in Xbox Game Pass on September 1st. Read on for additional details about new features and enhancements, Matchmaking Playlists, how and where you can provide ongoing feedback, and what’s still to come!

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CBaoth56d ago

73.70 GB to be precise. Finally, been waiting on the Halo saga in 4K since last November. Feel like Rod Stewart, "Tonight's the night.....

Skull52156d ago

Was planning on putting some serious time into God of War today since it is my day off until I saw this update on my Xbox lol. Guess I can play while waiting for the download

annoyedgamer56d ago

Finally a matchmaking fix. These slimeballs waited to add it to gamepass to fix it so they can get more sales.

darthv7256d ago

How does adding it to GP imply it will get more sales? More downloads perhaps by those who have GP but not sales specifically.

giovanealex56d ago

Actually, it does. Their metrics show that people who subscribe to gamepass buy more games simply because they spend more time online.

Kribwalker56d ago

lol. or they waited to put it on gamepass until it was fixed. Makes more sense to me

annoyedgamer56d ago

The game has been out for years. What took so long then?

aconnellan56d ago

*put it on Gamepass before its fixed*

“How dare they! They haven’t even fixed it!”

*put it on Gamepass after its fixed*

“How dare they! They delayed fixing it just to get it on Game Pass!”


EmperorDalek56d ago

Yeah, they're gonna sell tons of copies on game pass.

UKRsoldierPRO55d ago

Slimeballs. Haha. Gotta love armchair experts.

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Donnie8156d ago

Halo 2 looks phenomenal! Gonna enjoy this

SlyBoogie199356d ago

Does this update actually work for anyone? I've been sat in matchmaking for about half an hour with it saying 'Contacting server to get the latest matchmaking date. Please wait.' didn't need a 70+ gb update to see that.

thexmanone55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Got too Luv these free updates

CarlDechance55d ago

Waited long enough for them. sheesh

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