Top 10 - First Person Shooters

This weeks Top 10 article from Gaming Corner focuses on First Person Shooters.

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VampHuntD3706d ago

= Instafail. I know Wolfenstein started the big kick of FPS games (or at least helped), but ROTT did it all soooooo much better!

jtucker783706d ago

Wow! Rise of the triad. That brings back memories.

Have a bubble for bringing a nostalgic smile to my face.

I loved it when you gibbed someone and an eyeball flew at you. Great game.

solar3706d ago

ROTT was soooooo much fun.

overall this is probably the best list ive seen. i wouldve put HL2 1st followed by HL1. also i dont think CoD4 should be on the list that high. CS shouldve definitly made it. that game still, after 10 years have a huge fanbase today.

Happenstance3706d ago

Well im jealous now, never played it

cypher_21a3706d ago

Blah, Why do top anything lists always have to include the "obligatory" classics? If you were to play some of these games today you would think they were garbage. I played all these games when they were released and loved them then because they were fresh, exciting, and yes fun. Now they just plain suck.