Game Vortex: Time Hollow Review

Game Vortex writes: "Thanks to the success of the Phoenix Wright series, the previously PC-only point-and-click adventure genre is finding a home on the DS. Time Hollow is the latest entry in the system's adventure library and though the story is intriguing, the gameplay reduces a great game to an okay one.

Despite a few well-produced animated scenes, most of Time Hollow takes place in static environments. Even when compared to other adventure games, there isn't a whole lot to interact with in each location. However, one really cool aspect is that you can pan slightly to the left and right in each location. This produces a really neat shifting effect that gives the room some depth, but also plays into the clue hunt aspect of gameplay. Although some are lying out in the open, clues are usually hidden behind objects. Panning is very limited, thankfully, so you won't ever find yourself on a pixel hunt or lost about what clue to find next."

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