Casual Review Reviews: PlayDetective: Heartbreakers

Casual Review writes: "As the title suggests, this game is just the opportunity to play detective - but it's not about theft, kidnapping or murder this time round. In Kayo Games' PlayDetective: Heartbreakers, you get to take on the role of a private investigator for a whole new range of cases: think cheating girlfriends, wayward husbands and flirtatious housewives. It's not just gossiping about a spouse's late nights and unresponsive phone calls now; it's your responsibility to get to the bottom if it all.

The bulk of the game consists of a juicy narrative presented through dialogue texts and surveillance camera footage, punctuated with adventure scenes where you have to play minigames to collect evidence against your suspect. Scoring well on the minigames earn you cash, which you can spend on investigative actions such as planned phone calls, wiretapping, and camera snapshots."

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