Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Xbox One/Xbox One X Beta Test - The Most Demanding Call of Duty Yet?

Tracking back to this month's multiplayer beta, Black Ops 4 is shaping up best on Xbox One X. It relies on a dynamic resolution going up to 2880x2160, though some clear performance issues remain ahead of the final release - and even more so for the base Xbox One console.

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mandingo114d ago

Should be able to hit 4k. COD hasn't changed its engine much. Strange

81BX114d ago

I played it on X, and tbh the game looked like crap. Like last years cod.

mandingo113d ago

Yea I buy cod like once every 4 year if that

81BX113d ago

I honestly was expecting something better since they didn't focus on the campaign. I'm not one of those that feels it isnt worth a buy just because there is no single player

spicelicka113d ago

LOL not sure what it's pushing, looks like advanced warfare looked years ago.