Deus Ex was "Kinda Slow" Says Deus Ex 3 Dev

Edge writes: "Deus Ex 3 lead game designer Jean-Francois Dugas has been telling Edge about how the game will differentiate from its predecessors.

In an interview with Edge magazine, published tomorrow, Dugas says the original Deus Ex was "kind of slow". He added, "There weren't enough exciting, memorable moments. It was aimed more towards a simulation rather than a game experience.'"

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thor3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )


One of the best things about Deus-Ex was the localised damage. The other thing was the multiple storylines.

Deus-Ex 2 ruined the game by introducing "Universal Ammo" - lame - stripping the game of its localised damage and allowing you to change story path right at the end of the game, no matter what you'd done up to that point.

The next game is going to turn into a generic shooter it seems.

Captain Tuttle3702d ago

That headline isn't a good sign of this game's direction.

morganfell3702d ago

Absolutely agree. They seem to love ruining these vaunted titles. Sometimes the way they rape these classic games is every bit as bad as Hollywood thinking every movie needs a remake. If you can't properly pay homage to a classic then leave it the hell alone. JC is probably rolling over in his grave right now.

thor3702d ago

Oh yeah speaking of Hollywood remakes this reminds me EXACTLY of a film they remade - The Italian Job.

The original film was a British comedy - it was an hillarious "that'll never work" type film. There was something about the humour that really appealed to me. It had its little quirks everywhere and it's different from most films out there.

Then they remade it. Most of the film didn't even take place in Italy, there was a really serious tone to the film, they threw in love interests and such, and focused on the action. Forgetting what made the original film great, they just thought they'd add in a Mini chase so they could name it after the original film. It was awful.

Deus Ex was a fantastic, original game that had its little quirks everywhere making it different from most games out there.

Deus Ex 3 will focus on the action, forgetting what made the original game great, and will keep a couple of the characters and features so that they can name it after the original game. It's going to be awful.

Here's hoping not, though.

Somnus3702d ago

Eidos has killed one of the greatest games of all time.

Hellsvacancy3702d ago

i never played the second 1 and as from wot Thor above me sais i havnt missed much

I forgot about Deus Ex 3 but takin away wot made the original such a great game is a bit of a lame move

But who knows wot they may add

Fingers crossed

slapsta723702d ago

i thought it had been scientifically proven that Deus-Ex = perfect

please explain Mr. Dugas

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3702d ago

I can't wait to play the next Deus Ex game in the superior version for the PS3.

thor3702d ago

Lol you just made that account to reply here?

JCDenton3702d ago

No, my account is about 2 years old... ;)

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