Battlefront 2: Elite Corps incoming

EA and DICE have announced the next content drop for Star Wars: Battlefront 2, with which two new divisions of clone soldiers are entering the battle. As of August 29, the 41st Elite Corps and the 327th Star Corps will become available, along with new troop outfits and the hangar on Naboo.

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OnlyThoseOnTheFence110d ago

Even if you add up all the "DLC" it still doesn't feel as complete as the old games. I wonder how differently this game would be viewed if it was simply called "Inferno Squadron" instead of marketed as a "Battlefront" title?

Beef5upreme83110d ago

Does anyone even play this game anymore?

Beef5upreme83110d ago

Is there a particular night or time when you can get a game? I loved the starfighter battles, but now i cant get a single game, even in heroes and villians. Its a real shame, because i would have loved for this game to take off

Hungryalpaca110d ago

Barely. I boot it up once in a while but I only paid 10 bucks so

Rimeskeem110d ago

I play Strike on PS4 with friends

frostlatch109d ago

Still love and play this game. I know people hate on it but its really THE best Star Wars experience you can get right now. We need more players I think but I never struggle to get games. Im east coast US and I usually play at night. Ive also put in 150+ hrs.