Gears 2 breaks 6 360's at Epic

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"Just a couple weeks from retail release (Nov 7), Gears 2 is apparently a bit more than your 360 can handle at the present time. According to what APPEARS to be Cliffy B's Twitter, "We've found the glitch. Turns out, GoW2 is so f*****g awesome it literally blows up the 360. Working on a day-one 'less awesome' patch." (continues)


Upon further review and confirmation by SixOkay, the community manager of Gears of War 2, we realize that this Twitter is WAY to funny to really be from Cliff Blezedindigsislski.

I know I'm relieved that my Xbox 360 is safe from the awesomeness of Cliffy B.

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GamerSigma3705d ago

The 360 can handle Gears. It is kinda funny though... But the game isn't out. It's part of testing me thinks... then again... I am not a game developer.

AAACE53704d ago

At the beginning of the movie, Bruce Lee slaps the young guy on the head and says, "Don't focus on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory!"

So I will change that quote for the Ps3 fanboys... "Don't focus on hating the 360 so much, or you will miss all those wonderful games!"

Seriously people... All this hate for a console that to some extent has made gaming better for gamers?

You love the fact that your Ps3 has a HDD installed right? Thank MS for that. Cause that idea came when they did it with the first Xbox, while Sony was content with having you buy multiple 8 Mb memory cards for $30-$40 each!

You have free online play, while XBL charges a fee? That's because XBL has established itself as the best. And sony has to allow their service to be free in order for it to catch on, because they have to catch up to XBL. They see that free is not the answer to all, which is why you have HOME coming soon.

Sony didn't like the fact that the Ps2 was weaker than the Xbox and especially the Gamecube, so they made the Ps3 the most powerful!

You hate the MS so much, but you should acknowledge that having them in the gaming industry has made things better for you! You keep rubbing all the great things about the Ps3 in 360 owners faces not knowing MS and the Xbox brand are the reasons your Ps3 are so great!

I hope you learned something today... Now go back to being fanboys, I need more to laugh at!

me_p3705d ago

That account was previously reported as fake cliffB account..

Lumbo3705d ago

Is it friday already ?

Fishy Fingers3705d ago

LOL I wish (more to do with work then this article), but this is ripped from a twitter post that was submitted here earlier and failed. Supposedly this is Cliffy B's twitter page Make your own mind up on that, I know I have.

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The story is too old to be commented.