Will Diablo III on Switch Open Doors?

Could there be more to the Blizzard and Nintendo relationship than just Diablo? Could games like Overwatch make an appearance?

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Neonridr113d ago

they already said that Overwatch technically would work on the Switch. It's whether or not they see a market there I guess.

3-4-5112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Screw Overwatch....we have Paladins on Switch. Overwatch bored me on PC & XB1, somehow Paladins is holding my interest a lot though.

The choosing 1 of 4 types of abilities per character + the card system really adds a ton of depth to the game that Overwatch is missing.

You can play all the characters in many different play styles whereas in Overwatch you are basically stuck playing a certain character a certain way.

Plus Map design on Paladins is better as well.

Dan_eire112d ago

Diablo III was released over six years ago. Not sure why developers think we get excited when a six year old game gets released on another platform.

Lon3wolf112d ago

Maybe because a lot of people didn't have the platforms it has been released on? It's quite big for Nintendo fans who never got to play it in the past.

execution17112d ago

PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox one and PC, I'm pretty sure Nintendo fans must have picked it up at some point

Shiken112d ago

I never played it, and I had/have a PS3, PS4, XBox One, and a 360 but I think I might get it for Switch. Not everyone has played EVERY game. Not that hard of a concept.

Plus many fans like the concept of playing on the go. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

Lon3wolf112d ago


I never said all, some would, some wouldn't not everyone buys multiple systems.

3rdstar112d ago

I’ve already dumped a lot of time into Diablo 3 and I’m still pretty damned excited for the Switch port simply because I’ll have a portable copy. Much like Skyrim, it’s a game people have played to death and will do so again simply because they’ll be able to take it out of the he house now.

Mr Marvel111d ago

I still get excited every time I hear D3 mentioned, so I guess “we” do exist.
It’s one of my favourite games of all time.

DivineAssault 112d ago

Not sure if it will open any doors. What else would they do? Overwatch?? I think diablo is perfect for the switch tho. Pop off a joycon and instant local MP w whoever, wherever. Nintendo needs a virtual console for arcade games from all the publishers they can get. So many great titles that a new generation should have a chance to play as well as the boat loads of cash theyll get from fans who just want them

leeeroythe3rd112d ago

I would be happy with a downloadable hearthstone

Outlawzz112d ago

$60 dollars is hard to accept for me. I won't be in any rush to purchase even though I've never played it.

Neonridr111d ago

it's the full version though. I realize that it's still a little more expensive, but it's not like the equivalent version is like $20 on the PS4/XB1.

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