ONM: Overlord: Dark Legend Preview

ONM writes: "Pikmin is probably one of our favourite Nintendo franchises, hence why Miyamoto's announcement at E3 this year had us whooping with excitement. But if there's one criticism that could be raised against the green-fingered action adventure, it's that it was a little too... well, nice. Indeed, between Captain Olimar's firm-but-fair command and the Pikmin running, carrying and even attacking in the cutest possible way, it couldn't have been more quaint and pleasant if it tried. Where was the hatred? The despotism? The tyrannical lording it over anything that moved? It's just not right, we tell you."

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PS360WII3708d ago

Yeah sounds like this game should be pretty fun to play and it's not a port of the PS3/360 title it is its own stand alone title which more devs should do :)