Gamepro Review Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

GamePro: "Fans of the previous MotorStorm title or off-road racing in general will definitely enjoy this follow-up. But the easy learning curve and fast-paced action might be enough to keep gamers who don't normally play racing games entertained."

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sunnygrg3702d ago

Great review, but if anyone has gotten the latest PTOM magazine, they have given this game a 3/5. I wonder how come. Only thing they complained about was the animations they show after you crash (just like Motorstorm 1).

qqjohn3703d ago

I was shocked at first, but when I read the review I knew 4.5/10 was wrong.

Johnny Cullen3703d ago

Yeah, thats my mistake.

Lack of sleep I guess X_X

Sorry, someone wanna change it?

thor3703d ago

Yeah the reason it got approved was probably 360 fanboys overjoyed to see such a low score - but actually it's a really good score. I know exactly what to expect from this game so I'll probably buy it. I loved the 1st motorstorm but the lack of split-screen ruined it.

Johnny Cullen3703d ago

It actually got one approvel.


And his 10ness.

Sent a PM to him asking to fix the score.

badz1493703d ago

can single-handedly approve any story he wants and that's sometime annoying!

Fishy Fingers3703d ago





^^PM one of them politely and they'll be happry to correct your post.

thor3703d ago

"Up to 24 players online" - I thought it was 12?? Certainly not 24 that would be mayhem lol.

Can anyone tell me if there are faster versions of e.g. bikes in MS2? In MS1 all you could unlock were extra vehicle skins, I'd like to see different bikes with different speed/acceleration/handling, this review made that seem the case but it lost credibility with me with the 24 players online thing. Does anyone know?

Johnny Cullen3703d ago

It ain't gonna be 24 players but there will be 16.

12 was the amount in Motorstorm 1.

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The story is too old to be commented.