Let’s Discuss the State of Square Enix

Karan writes- "As big fans, we’re kind of worried. The company has always been famed for its stellar library of gaming classics, but this generation of consoles, it’s more known for overlong delays, long-period public disappearances, over promises and sometimes, most unfortunately – unfinished products.

A lot of it has been attributed to the sheer scale of the projects Square undertakes, and that’s understandable. They want to make games that have the highest possible AAA production values, and make those games as large as possible. Some people will argue that this process takes time—which is a fair argument. Nowadays, development is more complex than it used to be. Back then when Square was doing the same thing but still churning out great games with high production values, the pressure and mountain of tasks was much simpler."

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michellelynn0976114d ago

The success of Octopath Travler should show them that gameplay trumps production anyday.

Seraphim114d ago

"but this generation of consoles, it’s more known for overlong delays..." Is the writer 12-16? Not old enough to recall days passed? Sqaure Enix has, since at least the PS1 era always had long delays & issues with developing games in a timely fashion. Crap FF Versus XIII was delayed so long it became FFXV. Mind you Versus XIII was announced alongside XIII.

Point is, Long Delays are nothing new for Square Enix. They announce projects well before they're even off the ground. But it wasn't only SE doing this. It was an industry wide problem. Yes Square is probably the most notorious or worse but the fact remains the entire industry announced games far too early and missed deadlines in the past. Now we seem to have more developers waiting to announce games but we're still seeing games announced that won't be released for quite some time. That's assuming they don't run into development issues...

PhoenixUp114d ago

I wonder if Dragon Quest XI can prove to be successful for Square Enix in the west