Street Fighter Podcast #9 - Alex Valle Talks Street Fighter History

New episode of The Street Fighter Podcast just released on gootecks. Alex Valle is the guest and we spend an hour talking with him about his illustrious Street Fighter career. If you haven't heard of Alex Valle, you haven't heard of arguably the most famous Street Fighter player of all time. A few of his accomplishments:

* Won the Street Fighter Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000
* First American to beat Daigo on American soil
* Qualified for the very first SBO tournament in Japan

Topics discussed:

* Alex's rivals when he started out
* How things were back in the day pre-console era
* His experiences breaking new ground in the Street Fighter world by going to Japan
* Future plans now that Street Fighter 4 is out

Overall, this show is a must-listen for anyone remotely interested in the fighting game community. A lot of the original players don't get the credit they deserve for paving the way for newer guys such as myself. It's great for new players who weren't around when all these things were going on as well as for older players who were around and have fond memories of afternoon beatdowns at 7-11.

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Tacki3707d ago

Another great podcast. Learning all this 'history' is especially interesting to me because I am very impressed by people who really take things to the next level... whether it be sports, video games, etc. It's just fascinating to hear from one of the greats. And by all means I am a Street Fighter noob so I'm interested in learning all I can. Not only in terms of each game's mechanics... but really I just want to soak up every bit of information I can.

Until just recently (within the last few months) I hadn't played a Street Fighter since Street Fighter II on the SNES. Every time I'd go over to my cousin's house I'd play that game. It wasn't until I started seeing Street Fighter IV that those memories really came back. No doubt nostalgia has played a huge role in getting me into the series once again... but I'm genuinely excited for the new game and it hasn't stopped there. I've purchased Street Fighter Alpha on PSN and plan on buying Alpha 2 and 3 when they hit as well. Not to mention Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. And last but not least I'll be getting the Anniversary Collection. Mostly for Third Strike because that's the game that intrigues me the most out of any of the currently released titles in the series.

I sorta feel like I've missed out on a whole generation here... and while you can't go back in time... I'm still looking to see if I can at least taste some of the magic of that era for myself. Street Fighter IV is what did this to me. That game's very presence really brought me back, and hopefully there's some others who feel this same way. It would really be something if this new title brought some sort of revival with it. Not only to the series... but to folks like me who were like, "Hey I remember playing Street Fighter as a kid!" and having a look again at this very special fighting game franchise.

And out of all this came something else for me. I discovered that once upon a time my girlfriend was quite the Street Fighter player. This was really interesting because I didn't have a clue that she had played many of those games. And through me HER interest has once again shifted back to Street Fighter games. She even went out and bought Alpha 3 and even bought a dreamcast just to play Third Strike (which is one she never had the opportunity to experience either). It's safe to say at this point she can whoop my ass though. In Tekken it would be an even sadder affair. lol

Anyways... there was a ton of information no one really needed to know... but hey, what can I say, I'm really excited for Street Fighter IV and revisiting the classics of the franchise. I'm lovin' the podcast and I intend to tune in for every one from now on.

Oh, and Alex's Japanese accent/impression cracked me up. That was just too good!

gootecks3707d ago

Thanks for the kind words! That's really awesome that SF4 is bringing you back in. I think it's going to be the same for a LOT of people out there, making this possibly the most exciting time in SF history! Most people missed the entire SF3 series, of which 3rd Strike was definitely a fan (and my own personal) favorite, so it's great that there is this renewed interest in SF4, even if it starts out as nostalgia. And high fives to your girlfriend for buying a DC to play 3rd Strike!

PrivateRyan3706d ago

As always, good stuff gootecks! Been waiting for the Valle podcast for a looooooong time :)