Eurogamer: WiiWare and Virtual Console Roundup

Eurogamer: "I hate it when they do this. Quite apart from the wisdom of having three versions of essentially the same game on the VC, it means I have to rummage around in the internet yet again to remind myself what makes this version of Street Fighter II different to the others.

The main difference, it transpires, is that it came out on the Megadrive - the first in the series to do so. Other than that, it actually predates the other Street Fighter IIs already available - Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting and Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers - and while it offers yet another slightly tweaked rule-set, and a group battle mode, it's really not enough to make it an urgent purchase, especially since the Megadrive version's best feature - the six-button joypad - is no longer a factor."

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