Square Enix President Suggests "Japan Alliance" For Gaming

During the Tokyo Game Show 2008, imperial hot Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada voiced concerns about how the West's gaming industry was surpassing Japan's. In an Nikkei Business article on the Japanese gaming "crisis", Wada further explains his position. The gaming industry in the West is growing faster, and developers and publishers have more capital than their Japanese counterparts.

To remain competitive, Wada says, "Therefore, we should consider some sort of 'Japan Alliance'." More medium to small-sized companies will need to realign - case in point, Tecmo and Koei. "Individuality is important," Wada adds. "It's not forcing everything into a single corporate brand. The ideal is a holding company under which several companies and brands can hang." Though, who would head up this alliance? Square Enix? Wada? He did come up with the idea...

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theKiller3703d ago

make a decent games and spend money on them!!! they need to get over the ps2 era of games quality!!

they need to know that if they dont spend money on their games then they wont sell well in the west!!!

theKiller3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

that is, making a decent games and stop being greedy and spend more money on them, other wise it wont sell here in the west(not even in japan)!!

they need to realize that the ps2 era is finished to make same RPG's for this gen with slightly better graphics.

AAACE53703d ago

I was hoping common sense would have kicked in for those who still accuse Square Enix of being greedy, but...

Square and Enix had to merge! Not because they were doing great, but because both companies were in trouble, and a merge would help them both. They used to compete with each other directly!

After merging, the company is still not doing as good as they would like. Considering the SE team is very large, and their games sell millions, but to some extent don't generate the kind of money they want. SE has been dumping lots of money into their games, but the games sell lower that the previous entry.

In case you still haven't figured it out.... SE are desperate! They see their game sales get lower and lower, while game sales for US and Euro games get higher and higher. SE are worried that japanese games might be forgotten in the near future.

Think about it, we only really buy from a few japanese companies, namely SE, capcom, konami and tecmo, and a few of their games have been lacking in quality!

Basically, he see's western games are taking the torch from japan, and possibly wants their industry to push out more high quality games. And have somekind of setup like we have here where developers use the best game engines to make games. That way they can focus more on quality.

Seriously... All japan really has are RPG's, Action and fighting games, and pretty much everything else is a blip on the map.

SL1M DADDY3703d ago

Did the western developers form a western alliance to become the better developer team? No, they didn't so why would anybody in their right mind think that the Japanese need an alliance to become the better developer group? This is silly. They need to just focus more on games that reach broader audiences instead of creating games more Japan-centric. Focus on world wide games and they may get off to a better start.

AAACE53702d ago

You are missing the point cause you don't want to look at the big picture! I don't think he wants every developer to merge, but rather do something similar to what US and EU do.

Basically every gen, there are usually a few engines that dominate the industry. Last gen it was mainly Renderware, this gen so far it is the Unreal 3 engine. I think they want to incorporate the use of a few engines, so that developers don't have to get used to so many different engines.

You never know, SE probably wants to make a game using a Capcom engine? There could be a small developer with a great game concept, but has a crappy engine to run it on?

I am guessing that this is what he means, because this is pretty much how things work over here.

Millah3703d ago

If they did what Wada suggests, that would just make all the Japanese developers similar to how Square is now, which would result in crappier games that are no longer about quality but quantity. How about the Jap developers just go back to how they were last gen, and actually create awesome games with originality and Japanese flavor. Instead of doing what Square is doing now, by just using their money to create a ton of crappy games instead of what they used to do, which was create less games that were incredible and the best in the industry.

hay3703d ago

Yeah, that would mean almost no competition, and we know how bad lack of competition is.

mpmaley3703d ago

Wada doesn't care about quality, all he cares about is money and his intentions are seeming more clear. I'm sure he'd want to be in charge of this alliance. He's just empire building.

ThanatosDMC3702d ago

I liked the old Squaresoft....

Internet Trolling Ex3703d ago

We're not going to form an alliance with your RPG only company

Plan B3703d ago

It's not that the developers aren't capable, it's the market in general. Casual games and lowest end hardware is what's appealing to that market. It's hard for developers to decide to make a masterpiece if the only thing people want to play is tennis, bowling, and final fantasy.

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