Top 5 Most Powerful Video Game Weapons

Ah, video game weapons. When done right, they can be the difference between enjoyable gameplay and mechanics that frustrate us to no end.

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Kados112d ago

Nuke - Turok 2
Fatman - Fallout 4
C-Finder - Fallout New Vegas
Buzzsaw / MG42 - Farcry 4
Rail Gun - MGS4

CloudStrife900112d ago

Dat golden gun O_o !!

Though, those cross map killing Winchester Model 1887's from Call of Duty were relentless pre-patch.

The_Sage112d ago

I would have listed the Blades of Chaos. They kill God's.

brennanasaurus112d ago

Farsight-Perfect Dark. hands down, not even on this list :/

KillBill112d ago

I would have to add Mass Effects Black Hole Gun...

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