Devil May Cry 5 Looks Gorgeous and Super-Stylish in New Xbox One X Gameplay

DualShockers played Devil May Cry 5 at Gamescom 2018, and you can watch Nero in action in a recording of the demo running on Xbox One X.

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PhoenixUp91d ago

Nero still looks a like Drew from Scalebound with the hairstyle with a mix of Donte visual aspects

Abriael91d ago

Maybe there is a bit of Drew, but really no Donte. Donte looked like an emo boy who didn't eat for a month. Nero has a much stronger facial structure.

naruga91d ago

still Nero looks retarded ....Dante also...Capcom is screwing the faces lately for unkown (probably SJW) reasons

AAWELLS0990d ago

I think he looks more like Billy Idol in my opinion lol. See any resemblance?

masterfox91d ago

screw that brat I want to play as the Original Dante :(

Platformgamer91d ago

i bet it will be gorgeous and stylish also on my regular ps4 ;)

AK9191d ago

Not only does this look rad but we got a release date to boot.

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