Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers – The Name Says It All

Game Informer: "Sometimes, you don't know what you are getting into when you pick up a new game. Cover art may be misleading. Crafty editing skills can play up one aspect of a game while taking the focus off of others. A review might not align with your own tastes. The fact is that many games are presented in a way that could be considered ambiguous – intentional or otherwise.

Onechanbara is not one of those games. With the title "Bikini Zombie Slayers," you know exactly what you are getting into from the very beginning. The game approaches gratuitous fun in a completely unabashed way – laying everything out on the table from the moment the title screen loads. There is something undeniably fun about a game that doesn't take itself too seriously."

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PS360WII3704d ago

Heh one of those guilty pleasure games I think. I think I'd get it just for the fact it's never been released in the US before and well it's Bikini Zombie Slayers! What more would you want ^.-