PixelJunk Monsters Updated with Trophies and YouTube

Q Games announced today a free update for PixelJunk Monsters. Major changes for the late October update include Trophy support, YouTube upload support, and system music support.

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Megaton3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Very nice, even though I assume I'm gonna have to re-rainbow everything (luckily I barely touched hard).

Well, maybe not. Says there's a new Trophy Challenge Mode designed for the trophy support. Might be like how High Velocity Bowling's new trophy support is all based on the new online mode.

UNCyrus3680d ago

oh wow... this is going to be tough...

aceitman3680d ago

how do i get pixel junk racers for free

meepmoopmeep3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

EDIT: Difficulty Setting, wOOt
those monsters are brutal for my n00bnessness

TheTwelve3680d ago

About freakin' time. Now I can play it again because I didn't want to go too far and have to get trophies over again. LOVE this game.


Cenobia3680d ago

@aceitman - I think you had to buy Eden during the promotion. If you purchased it before (like I did), then you're SOL.

Can't wait for the update. I couldn't finish the game due to its punishing difficulty. Nothing says "you're wasting you're time" like beating 16/20 waves just to be decimated in the next one.

Trophies are always a welcome addition.

aceitman3680d ago

cause i beatthe game all rainbows

Nineball21123680d ago

I'm right there with ya. I was playing quite a bit until I heard that they were going to add trophy support, so I stopped.

I didn't want to invest all that time on the game when I figured I'd have to go back over all the levels to get the trophies.

I'm looking forward to this update.

ThanatosDMC3680d ago

Co-op on Hard is still very demanding! There's no way to prevent the shielded monsters in coming inside your base and you need to always have those anti-air lasers.

The volcano mission really sucks since one of your tower gets destroyed each wave. I saw my black flag insect tower get destroyed by it... makes you wanna cry.

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Zip3680d ago

lol @ that article about that sony is beeing the next Sega! ... This only shows that Sony easily can pull this off, they migth not win the "console war" but they definaly have a good chance.

rmatott3680d ago

nice update, will def download this.

to the above post, is there really a console war? i mean who gives an F, i just want quality games/quality support on all systems and i will be happy

Antan3680d ago

How dare you have a balanced and well thought out response on N4G!
Reported for non fanboy trolling.

Armyless3680d ago

Great, there goes the next 50 hours of my life...
(I actually hold some top ten scores, this game is my addiction)

blu3print3680d ago

liked the demo, but stories of it being kinda hard turned me away don't want it not to be fun like the demo, still have to demo too

kanedaakira3680d ago

Well - it is hard, especially the later levels but it is still amazing fun and fiendishly addictive. One of my most played games. This update will have me hooked once again after I've successfully been through re-hab and weaned myself away from its vice-like grip!

Pennywise3680d ago

Great game to play COOP with. Nice update!

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The story is too old to be commented.