Nintendo Switch Online - The Calm Before the Storm

Jack from SwitchEra writes: "A long, long time ago in a generation almost near forgotten, Microsoft decided to implement a paid subscription service for the Xbox titled Xbox Live. It was met with trepidation and anger. The PC offered online play for free and even the doomed Dreamcast had a fairly robust free online system for its time. Fast forward 16 years and we see Nintendo are soon to follow suit and get in on the money pie that is the online subscription service."

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PhoenixUp91d ago

“even the doomed Dreamcast had a fairly robust free online system for its time.”

That doesn’t mean Sega planned to keep SegaNet free. It was only initially free with a subscription service coming later.

FallenAngel198491d ago

I still don’t have much faith in this service. Nintendo has a habit of making boneheaded decisions with online gaming, and now they’re making you pay for it

wonderfulmonkeyman90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I can't disagree with that.
Though, to be fair, at least they aren't charging full price for it.
$60 for just basic online servers would be too much, but for those willing to fall for the paid-multiplayer pitfall in the first place [ I still vehemently advocate that online multiplayer should be free on ALL systems, but apparently that's just me], $20 is a much sweeter price spot.

That and an expanding lineup of nes and snes games should help it do ok, at least. [And yes, snes is not a typo; they announced that those are being worked on. We may get tmnt iv or SoM with online play eventually.]