Microsoft is offering up a 2 month Xbox Game Pass for just $2

If you’re looking to try out Xbox Game Pass, you now have the best excuse because it’s only $2. That’s right, $2 freaking dollars.

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lxeasy32d ago

thats the best one I've seen

Teflon0232d ago

I just got it. Even 2 dollars in Canada for 2 months. That's nice. But sadly I only found 2 games that are actually supported on PC which is why I just spent the 2 dollars. Which is Super Lucky's Tale and Gears 4. I believe Sea of Thieves as well but I'm not interested in that. Sad though

rainslacker32d ago

I might take them up on the offer. OTOH, my upcoming gaming schedule is pretty full for the rest of the year, and I'm trying to get through backlog before September.

Still....$2 won't break the bank.

spicelicka31d ago

With the release of Halo MCC on Gamepass everyone please get on this!!

Bnet34331d ago

hard to pass this up!!!! 2 dollars, I'd give anyone two dollars if they asked me lol. I'm in

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Razzer32d ago

"The only kicker is that this deal is only available to new customers."


XxMajeSteRxX32d ago

People with expired gamepass also ?

Razzer32d ago

Maybe, but somehow I doubt it.

x_xavier_x32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I may be wrong but I think that the promotion is available to those who currently are not subscribed. I canceled my subscription twice, yet I was still able to take advantage of the previous $1 for 1 month offers.

Razzer32d ago


Ah.......nice. Thanks for the correction.

Minimox1631d ago

Can I buy in and activate later?
because its a great deal but don't plan to get a xbox until black friday

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Araragifeels 32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

So Xbox Game Pass is only for Xbox or Both PC and Xbox?

Razzer32d ago

Both. Game Pass works on PC for games that are Play Anywhere. So you don't get all the games on PC that you would on Xbox, but all new first party games will be on Play Anywhere and Game Pass which means they will be on PC.

Araragifeels 32d ago

Thanks since i no longer have an Xbone.

Razzer32d ago

This is the list of games you get on PC with Game Pass:

Teflon0232d ago

PC at the moment has maybe 5 games out of the hundred plus. Everything else is good to go on Xbox One though. Only games I can confirm work on PC
Gears 4
Disney Adventure
Super Lucky's Tale
Sea of Thieves

Razzer32d ago

PC has 12. The ones you mentioned as well as:

State of Decay 2
Halo Wars
Halo Wars 2
Riptide GP
Zoo Tycoon

And every new first Party game including Forza Horizon 4 in October

Teflon0231d ago

Halo wars didn't have the PC version when I checked right before writing. I don't remember checking the others you noted but maybe zoo tycoon. Though I don't remember it saying PC as well. Maybe those were the ones that were redirecting me to my browser as those ones I didn't bother checking. State of Decay is a obvious one I must have missed lol. The thing is alot of the titles are on PC just didn't get added as they're not first party and probably would require a fee that's not worth it to them I assume.

Edit: I just checked. So I checked Halo wars and Halo wars 2. Only the first game is on for PC, the second one was the one I checked before and I assumed it meant the first wasn't as well. I did check rush if it's that disney game and you're right. I'm pretty sure you're right about the others though. Thanks in advance now I for more titles to play lol. Well honestly just state of Decay really lol. But still 10 is alot better for a start and Forza is the reason I would have gotten the game pass eventually too. Forza Horizon 4 looks amazing honestly

crazyCoconuts32d ago

These nominal fee tactics make you put a valid credit card down and auto renew with the hopes you'll either love it or forget to cancel. Presumably the forget to cancel option happens a lot.

IRetrouk31d ago

They give you a refund no problem if you catch it in time, mine auto renewed, phoned up and said i forgot to cancel, they were more than happy to cancel it down and refund the money.

Bnet34331d ago

False, I never put my CC info on Xbox. Keep trying troll.

crazyCoconuts31d ago

@Bnet343 - sorry I meant your Dad's CC info. You can't sign up without a CC on file, and their terms state what happens: "Subscription continues to be charged monthly at then-current price (subject to change; plus applicable taxes) unless cancelled.".

Teflon0232d ago

Well definitely won me over since I wanted to play the new Forza Horizon but didn't want to buy it lol. I'd have got the pass full price next month if this wasn't the case. Now I got 2 months for change I'd lose and never notice lol.

rainslacker32d ago

The service is new, and they're trying to incentivize people to try it. No doubt it also requires you keep recurring subs on, since that's the default, and they probably hope many people forget to unsub if they decide not to use the service...or better, hope people like it enough to feel that $10/month is worth it.

Chris1232d ago

Desperate in the same way Netflix, Spotify, Deezer and countless other companies who offer the same introductory offers?

spicelicka31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Lmao does it matter? It' $2, if you don't like you're welcome to pay $100 for the next cod and $50 for seasons pass instead.

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Segata32d ago

Great I just signed up for the free trial a week ago so now I don't get it. BS.

x_xavier_x32d ago

Isn't it a 2 week trial? If so then you'll have time to sign up for this promotion (ends Aug 31) after your free subscription ends.

Problem solved!

Ghostbob32d ago

cancel your free trial subscription and then get the deal.

Monster_Tard31d ago

Try doing it on a different account, you can just set your console as that accounts home console and share it.

Segata31d ago

Well I signed up on PC. Don't have an Xbox

Monster_Tard31d ago

Oh I see, scratch that idea then.

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