PS4 Firmware Update 6.00 Beta 3 Finally Makes A Much Requested Change

If you are a part of the latest PS4 Firmware Update beta program, you should be able to download a new version of the firmware.

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DarkVoyager87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Finally. I absolutely hated the vertical search.

Eidolon86d ago

It made no sense at all.

Nitrowolf286d ago (Edited 86d ago )

It’s odd because this has Always been there on the Japanese PS Store yet everywhere else had the vertical search.

Also while the titlI made no indication I was thinking this was related to name change XD

rainslacker86d ago

I never hated it, but I didn't like it when they brought it out on the PS3. Its pretty quick when you get enough letters into the title or whatever, as the filter function seems to work very well, but it still seemed like something adopted from mobile devices that just wasn't needed.

thorstein86d ago

Ever use the store on your computer? Compared to the PS4, I just don't understand why the computer based store works so much better, shouldn't the PSstore be the flagship?

Teflon0285d ago

I wouldn't say it WORKS better but it is a much better layout and you can get things done without any confusion. On PS, apart from highlights most things require an actual search which is a problem because new games with a smaller following on bigger weeks will get no front page love and even worse, most people don't scroll and look for all the new stuff. On PC it's sectioned perfectly, you know exactly where you want to go and everything gets the same amount of love. I always use the PC to buy or download to my ps4 lol. Even when I have the PS4 on I just go on the pc and hit add to download queue lol

vitz386d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Thanks for posting this detail so I don't have to feed this clickbait.

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TheGamez10086d ago

Finally they changed that lol.

PhoenixUp86d ago

I wish they’d also allow PS4 owners to customize their trophy list the same way PS3 and Vita owners can

Teflon0285d ago

I hate that you can't have it in alphabetical order as a trophy person like me it's been a pet peeve and it makes it damn near impossible to find everything easily. Would be nice if you could customize it too because some games in series don't share similar names like the tomb raiders for example so they end up in different spots of the trophy list even if alphabetical. Even worse with Neptunia were they all share similar style but you got Superdimension, Megadimension, Hyperdimension, Hyperdevotion lol. They're just all over the place

Gusts9286d ago

Very nice, but I must say I was hoping for the ability to change your username '^^

ILostMyMind86d ago

This is not related to firmware.

uth1186d ago

it partly is. the new firmware has to support the new PSN naming scheme

Teflon0285d ago

in japan name changing is already possible so it's more of just the network than anything because you can always make it require a browser if necessary. The firmware clearly has the stuff built in as if you decided to make you account japanese instead you can potentially get it changed. I just don't get what they did that makes it an issue in NA. I'd pay for mine to change to the username I now use for gaming

Dragonscale86d ago

Yes please, its one of my gripes. Never pick a username whilst under the influence lol.

sampsonon86d ago

you're right, Gusts92 is pretty $HIT

RedDevils86d ago

You make your own bed, did you not?

Teflon0285d ago

If you liked ketchup in macaroni and cheese as a kid, does it mean you like it still when you grow up? I definitely hated that over time, and now I hate macaroni and cheese in general lol.
Now if you made your bed at age 14, does it mean you haven't learned better ways to make your bed? At age 14 I was rushing to make my bed as I always saw it pointless as I'll go right back into it later and I was a kid. Now at age 27 I make my bed so well that it really takes a bit of a straightening up instead of a complete refold of a banklet and sheets having to be completely redone. The bed you sleep in today was prepared by a version of you that doesn't represent the version of you that may have made a psn 10 or so years ago. Imagine that :o. People change, your life change, you could even be changing careers. Good example was WiiRikeToPray on YouTube. They started the channel for fun as friends and didn't take it serious. Over time they realized once things changed that it wasn't an appropriate name for professionalism. so they changed it simply to WiiLikeToPlay lol. Simple change but it's simply something that changed with them overtime as can even be the case as a gamer.

I agree though in the sense that you don't get something like that so simply. Which is why I agree with a fee even if more premium than XBL currently does.

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