Until Dawn Dev Bringing The Dark Pictures Anthology In 2019

Supermassive Games, the developers behind the PS4-exclusive horror game Until Dawn is bringing in The Dark Pictures Anthology, a series of intense, standalone cinematic horror games.

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Kribwalker90d ago

Oh i can’t wait, Until Dawn is my favourite PS4 game, Supermassive are going Multiplatform is huge news, i’m excited for these new games to come from them

gangsta_red90d ago

Until Dawn was such a great game and I seriously said not long ago I wish they would come back with another horror game, and my prayers have been answered.

Watching the trailer, reminds me of the movie The Fog...and not the remake...not that anyone has ever seen the remake....or the original for that matter.

Aeery90d ago

Loved Until Dawn, can't wait for this game!!!

nucky6490d ago

gangsta, for those who grew up then, the original "fog" is a cult classic - i've got it on blu ray.

bouzebbal90d ago

i love this studio..
Start The Party 1 was so much fun and technically on point, and they made a U turn with Until Dawn which also ended up being great!
looking forward to this one.

nicsaysdie89d ago

Hahahahahahaha! You, good sir, get a gold star. I have unfortunately seen both.

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Unreal0190d ago ShowReplies(4)
starchild90d ago

Looks promising. I enjoyed Until Dawn. I'm glad they're brining this new game to Steam.

Chaosdreams90d ago

This literally, has made my day. I'm so happy for them and can't wait for the opportunity to sink my teeth into these experiences. Anything like Until Dawn is an instant win in my books (well - quality sustained of course).

RememberThe35790d ago (Edited 90d ago )

This always feels good..

Sounds like they own the IP so good for them. A little uncanny valley in there but looks intense. I wonder what engine they're using, if not Decima.

gangsta_red90d ago

Definitely. Maybe this time they can get some more marketing for this next game.

Until Dawn was criminally under martketed by Sony. I remember Sony pushed the Uncharted collection instead of Until Dawn at the time which I thought was a huge mistake.

Hopefully Namco can do a better job.

Araragifeels 90d ago

What are you talking about? Until Dawn was not under market.

showtimefolks90d ago


Sony won that holiday season with uncharted collection bundle so business wise they didn't make the wrong call

gangsta_red90d ago


It was the wrong call when this was a brand new IP and a more unique game to market and push for the PS4. Sony could have done a great job pushing both the UC collection and Until Dawn and really put these guys to the forefront for these types of games.

Business wise this was a sleeper hit and could have been a much bigger hit if marketed more.

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gangsta_red90d ago


How about this one...or is this trolling clickbait journalism too?

Kribwalker90d ago

“Until Dawn's success, however, wasn't a result of a major marketing push from Sony, as the PlayStation manufacturer didn't advertise the game very much at all. Yoshida explained the reason behind this decision, pointing to its focus on promoting third-party titles this holiday season.”

You sir are correct. Yoshida himself said so

rainslacker90d ago

The game had decent marketing before the delays. i agree they could have done more at the time of its release though, but that's because I think it was something that people forgot about. I actually thought it released a while before it did on PS3 and was surprised when I saw it pop up again.

Luckily, word of mouth helped push sales.

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Kribwalker90d ago


"People have asked me why it wasn't marketed as much as other titles," Yoshida said. "It's a decision made by marketing departments in each region. Because of the focus on this Christmas time-frame, to really support the big third-party titles like Destiny and these titles, they didn't see the need to push Until Dawn that much from the platform marketing standpoint."

how that’s clickbait i don’t know. especially when it comes from Yoshida himself stating it wasn’t marketed

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porkChop90d ago

I'd assume they're using Unreal Engine 4.

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