Monster Hunter Generations Pass or Buy (Demo Impressions)

[Amras89 from The Gamesmen RPG writes]

Monster Hunter is a game that has grown to be loved by many in the west, and the Switch having the play anywhere ability seems like a must. But there are glaring issues of the past that should go away.

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michellelynn097687d ago

Get real. Seems like MHGU is too much of a game for this reviewer. Don't listen to them, buy the game.

Nitrowolf287d ago

Sadly this will most likely be the case for many reviewers after monster hunter world (which no doubt is the easiest in MH entry, but also one of its best).

I hope they continue this line of MH tbh, it’s still crazy fun even if it’s not friendly to noobies

michellelynn097687d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Because most video game journalist don't very good skills tbh. And, I didn't think MHW was that good. I got bored just 3 hours into the game. I kept trying to play it, but it bored the heck out of me.

Neonridr87d ago

Two different game lines. Both have their place, no doubt. MHW was fantastic and showed off a huge beautiful new world. But the handheld games offer so much more as well. More monsters, classes, etc. Yes, a steep learning curve, so it's not for everyone.

jsslifelike87d ago

I gotta say, I kinda agree here. It's hard to overlook the QoL improvements from MHW and, GAWD is it ever apparent going backward. I've played every MH that's come stateside and this demo was really a slap in the face for me. Think I might be passing this time, too.