Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate on Switch is the Polar Opposite of Monster Hunter: World

In many respects, Generations Ultimate is the exact opposite of Monster Hunter: World. Where MHW is intended to be an accessible entry for beginners, Generations Ultimate is effectively an expansion pack. One of its key features is the ability to transfer save data from the 3DS version. It's a tribute to old-school Monster Hunter, replete with old favorite monsters and familiar levels.

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kevnb92d ago

I wouldnt call it polar opposite, but it isnt so newcomer friendly either.

Neonridr92d ago

the 3DS titles seldom were easy for newcomers. Steep learning curves in those titles.

naruga92d ago

@Neonridr you mean PSP and PS2 tiles huh???.....3Ds titles started the dawnfall of Monster HUHunter with their idiotic lame "superhero" moveset .that started to alienate fans (even Japanese) ....thanks MHWorld went back to more grounded gameplay and far far far better concept art and envronemtn art similar to PS2 era

Neonridr92d ago

@naruga - you forgot to add "in your opinion". All the handhelds were tough. I tried to play MH4 on my 3DS and was confused from the outset. I own Monster Hunter World and had a far easier time following along. The console version was the easiest to grasp out of the bunch.

Pretty sure every MH title on 3DS sold well into the millions. So by alienate you must mean a handful of people, because the titles continued to sell with each release.

I get it, you have a thing for Sony. It's cool.

Movefasta199392d ago (Edited 92d ago )

@Naruga , 3u and 4u didn't start any superhero movesets, generations did. 3 added switch axes and underwater combat and 4u added insect glaives and charge blades and ability to mount enemies and traverse the map a lot quicker and other things. Don't be ignorant.
Honestly, it's a three way tie between Unite,3u and 4u. World just doensn't have the content to match thos games, and monster hunter is mostly about content, without the grank weapons and armours and dozens of monsters, there is no incentive to hunt.
Usually there is always an ultimate version of a monster hunter game, when World U comes out, that'll be really special.

SuperSonic9191d ago

If Capcom thinks like Nintendo fans like you then Monhan wont be embeaced by millions of westerners today.And its potential will only languish in Japan.

Compared to the handheld versions MHW is no cheapo fast food budget food crap instead it is AAA grade organic Alberta Beef fine dining that Japan and South Korea export from Canada.

The reason why MHW sold so well is because of its high quality and gamer friendly gameplay. It simply addressed what gamers on the fence wanted to see and play.

Like GOW OS4 the change of MHW is for the best.
Even Japan embraced it with love being a home co sole game because its a fantastic game.

Dont downplay its success please because its not on Switch or 3DS.

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SuperSonic9192d ago

MHW is the best MH ever made for the best reasons. Capcom has openned the doors wide open. There is no going back.

michellelynn097692d ago (Edited 92d ago )

No it isn't, and if MHGU was on ps4 and MHW was on Switch, you would say the opposite. Half the classes, monsters and arts of the portable games. A console game with less content than a portable game, that's sad. MHW was a hack game for the COD crowd, not real gamers. MHGU is a real meat and potatoes game, made for real gamers.

AspiringProGenji92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Unlike Generations, World is a new game made from the ground up. Being a console game or portable has nothing to do with how Capcom milks this franchise. MHGU would not be as popular if it was on Ps4 because it is not newscomer friendly. Despite being on switch all the archaic and limitations of 3DS will carry over to That game as well, while MHW was made with current gen consoles and pushed further. No more moon sized hitboxes or hundreds of loading screens and small areas. Just because the fans got used to all that doesn’t make them real MH gamers. MHW is still Monster Hunter doesn’t mater how much you want to shit on it for not being on the Switch. And I don’t agree with him either with World being the best. Freedom Unite is and 4 is a closed 2nd.

SuperSonic9192d ago

8.3 million gamers say it's the most accessible Monhan ever made especially for the western world... hack that fact into your brains.
It made westerners play Monhan. Aren't you glad?
It made my boyfriend get a 1TB PS4 just for it even if he has an XB1S.
So he is not a real gamer for not having a Switch? What kind of Nintendo thinking is that?
Are you nuts?
It's the most player friendly Monhan ever made.

Neonridr92d ago

@SuperSonic - so I guess McDonald's is the best food in the world because they sell the most each year? Come on, don't try to throw numbers around.

Yes Monster Hunter World is a fantastic game (I own it on my PS4). But the Handheld titles are completely different and cater to a different crowd. The games are harder, there are more monsters, classes, etc. They aren't meant for everyone.

They both have their place.

Gameseeker_Frampt92d ago


"so I guess McDonald's is the best food in the world because they sell the most each year? Come on, don't try to throw numbers around."

So sales only matter when it is a Nintendo game that sells well, for everyone else they are irrelevant. I look forward to reposting your quote if you ever talk about sales of Smash Bros or Pokemon and how great games there are because of that sales success.

mezati9992d ago Show
Lovable92d ago

I agree. MHW is by far the best MH currently in the market. It is extremely accessible, great graphics and in a more powerful machine. Anyone saying the other MH is better is delusional and have the elitist blind fold

Neonridr92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

@Gameseeker_Frampt - I am merely pointing out that sales don't indicate crap. The 3DS titles sold millions each in Japan. Are they suddenly not good now? The console game was out on more platforms, naturally it's going to sell more. Also, I am pretty sure I was pretty level in my comment there, even praising MHW seeing as I actually own the game for my Pro.

Games are great games because they are good, not because they sell well necessarily. See Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc.

@Lovable - so because someone prefers more monsters, classes, harder difficulty they are blind? Seems logical.

Imalwaysright91d ago


I have no idea where you took that from or why you just singled out nintendo games. Would you repost Neonridr comments if he did the same with an Activision or 2k game or does your stalking only apply to Nintendo games?

Lovable91d ago

More monsters and more difficulty doesn't translate to a better game, so yes, the point is invalid.

Gameseeker_Frampt91d ago


Oh look, another Nintendo N4G trainee. You seem quite offended when someone brings up the hypocrisy of talking about how sales don't matter when it isn't on their preferred console.

Here's you yourself talking about the sales of Pokemon and Smash Bros.
"No. Pokemon is bigger than Spiderman. No scratch that, much bigger than Spiderman. Pokemon is the biggest media franchise in the world and has already surpassed Star Wars in terms of revenue.

As for SSB, when it comes to gaming is bigger than Spiderman as well when you take in account how much each game from these franchises sell

I suppose it actually isn't that hard to have an "idea where I took that from." You could list a few other of your fellow fanboys and I bet it wouldn't be that hard to find them also talking about how great the sales of Pokemon and Smash Bros are.

Imalwaysright91d ago (Edited 91d ago )


Trainee? I've been coming here for more than 10 years and I've seen many like you come and go. Neonridr was making a general statement that had absolutely nothing to do with publisher A, B or C but you did a nice job showing everyone your bias and don't compare what you did with what I did in that article. I was replying to someone that mentioned those IPs in an article that mentioned those IPs with facts. Unlike you I didn't pull illogical ramblings out of my but hurt towards a random company. Oh and btw if you thought that I would get shy by stating facts, then you are dealing with the wrong person.

Gameseeker_Frampt91d ago (Edited 91d ago )


So you've been coming here for 10 years yet you still haven't been able to complete the test and become a contributor? What is the holdup? There's currently over 200 pending articles so it cannot be because you are having trouble finding news stories to post.

Neonridr was not making a general statement because he has in the past talked about how great Nintendo games sell and here was downplaying the success of a game that is not on a Nintendo platform. One cannot have it both ways without being called out for the hypocrisy.

Also, how many of your quotes talking about the importance of sales would you like? I've done a quick look at your comment history and you are obsessed with sales. Kind of odd that someone with that obsession is upset when someone contradicted "so I guess McDonald's is the best food in the world because they sell the most each year."

Sirk7x91d ago

Monster Hunter World was still fantastic, and you can tell alot of time and effort was put into it. It'd be incredibly difficult to put in the amount of content from the 3DS games. No, it's not as hardcore as the other entries, but it's been one of the best releases this entire current gen I'd say.

deafdani91d ago

"Real gamers"?

Jesus, tone down that toxicity. You make us Nintendo fans look bad.

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michellelynn097692d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Sales alone do not make a game great. MHW also fell off a lot and it also shows the big demographic for the ps4, casuals who can't handle a real MH game. Which is fine, but the game itself is not really that good.

Gameseeker_Frampt92d ago

Monster Hunter World is the highest rated MH game ever and it just sold 2 million copies on PC bringing its current sales well over 10 million. I do enjoy how the success of MHW bothers you fanboys. When G-rank gets added in year 2 - like it has been for previous MH games - I'm sure your head will explode.

kevnb92d ago

It starts out pretty easy, but it ramps up to typical monster hunter gameplay.

Eiyuuou91d ago

Lass, please stop, you’re embarrassing yourself.

It’s okay to prefer the 3DS games, but to go and play down MHW because of your personal preference is childish.

Do you honestly expect a brand new game, built from the ground up, to have the same amount of content as the 3DS games that have been reusing and building upon their older assets?

Please be reasonable.

bluefox75591d ago (Edited 91d ago )

@Eiyuuou I think it's more of a Nintendo thing. I rarely see her comment in articles that aren't Nintendo. Which is fine I suppose, everyone has their preferences. It's just unfortunate that those preferences often become tied to brand loyalty.

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King_Noctis91d ago

You mustn’t have played alot of the old MH games then if you think MHW is the best in the series.

Sirk7x91d ago

MHW was amazing, don't get me wrong, with stellar production value. The reason many people love Monster Hunter though is because of the grind, and MHW is severely lacking in content compared to MH4U. Yes, it would have be a gargantuan task to model and animate over 100 monsters with the graphics and AI that World had, but the amount of time you can put into 4U is staggering. Some of the best times I've ever had gaming were weekly meetups with friends to hunt for the entire day.

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porkChop92d ago

"Generations Ultimate is effectively an expansion pack"

"It's a tribute to old-school Monster Hunter, replete with old favorite monsters and familiar levels."

Well, the game is a port/remaster... Why are you judging it like a new game? I don't see the logic here.

wonderfulmonkeyman92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Besides, everything that needed to be said was summed up when they said that this is the expansion for the core fans than have been with the series since forever, whereas monster hunter world was the entry for new players.

Which, contrary to the opinions of some of the over-sensitive Sony fans here, is not an insult, because the franchise needed a beginner's level entry to help get the fanbase expanded, so that the more core entries in the future would sell better, and help the franchise grow.

AspiringProGenji92d ago

I’m pretty sure those comments come from the usual diegard MH fans who say World has been casualised, but gotta throw them shaed at Sony fans as usual despite not being an exclusive right @Monkey?

Neonridr92d ago

@AspiringProGenji - or those Sony fans who through shade at all the Nintendo versions because they were jealous they didn't have the game to play for how many years?

I get that MHW is a great game, but let's not suddenly act like the previous entries are now garbage. They are a different style of game, leave it at that.

AspiringProGenji92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

What are yoo talking about? I said the diehard fans are saying World is casualised and shit. And truth is the series was being herd back by Handheld. See how MH4 looked worse than 3, but that didn’t stop the games from being fun. It was a good thing MH came to consoles at last

Who said previous games were garbage?

michellelynn097692d ago

@ApiringProGenji so? They had 4 years to work on the game and they admitted aiming for a more inexperienced audience. Meaning the game got dumbed down.

bluefox75591d ago (Edited 91d ago )

You're just being dishonest. You know that making a game accessible and intuitive is not the same as "dumbed down", unless by "dumbed down", you mean less intuitive and harder to figure out? But why are those good things?

michellelynn097691d ago

No I'm not being dishonest swing and a miss. It is not making it more accessable alone, it is how the game holds your hand basically. And yes, taking away a lot of the complex moves. Get over it, you liked a dumbed down game.

michellelynn097692d ago

@Gameseeker_Frampt so? The number of online players has dropped and the game sales didn't hold up. A lot of actual MH fans hate this game. And, I'm not impressed anymore by games that get high scores from the video game journalist who basically need their hand held when playing a game.

Gameseeker_Frampt92d ago

" I'm not impressed anymore by games that get high scores from the video game journalist who basically need their hand held when playing a game."

So Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are crap in your opinion since the same journalists you are mocking now also gave them high scores. That is nice to know.

michellelynn097692d ago (Edited 92d ago )

And, I never said that games that got good reviews are not good. I'm saying just because one gets good reviews doesn't make it great. And, I knew you would bring those two in. You might want to add GOW and Incharted 4 in there right? I'm shocked ask 4 of those games got great reviews. Especially BOTW, which lets you figure things out.
Maybe I need to be clear. RPG that get a high score don't impress me. I liked Persona 5, but even it's gameplay got dumbed down. There, is that better? Do you understsnd now?
The number of journalist who butchered Xenoblade, Octopath and Ni No Kuni just for having complex battle systems made me lose a lot of respect for them. Your gotcha moment failed.
Oh, and Mario and Zelda never dumbed down their gameplay and take out content just to appeal to more people. MHW on 3 systems can't outsell BOTW or SMO on 1 system.
And, I would have gotten used to it, if Capcom wanted to simplify the controls, but to cut the classes, arts, moves and monsters in half. That's inexcusable.

michellelynn097692d ago

No, sales only matter for success. Not for what's great. XC2 is much better than FF XV. Sales be danged.

Gameseeker_Frampt92d ago

"RPG that get a high score don't impress me" yet you bring it up in a non-RPG like Monster Hunter and then proceed to list a bunch of games that have almost no negative reviews on Metacritic. How exactly were those games "butchered" when they have positive ratings around 83? Seems like you are upset that the Playstation exclusive Persona 5 scored in the 90s and that is a sign that reviewers don't know anything about scoring RPGs. Do you feel the same way about Fire Emblem Awakening which scored 92? How about Xenoblade Chronicles which also scored a 92? Was Bravely Default also "butchered" with a score of 85? How about all those RPGs on Vita and 3DS that didn't score in the 80s - which ones in your opinion are critically underrated?

cpayne9391d ago

How exactly was persona 5 dumbed down? If anything it felt more complex than 4 to me.

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