Analyst predicts EA's 'Battlefield V' will be a 'serious disappointment,' citing weak preorders

Cowen believes weak pre-orders for EA’s “Battlefield V” title is putting the company's financial guidance at risk.

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ArchangelMike90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I hope this really bites EA in the a$$, 85% behind is a massive sales drop.

It's their own fault, there'a a very simple rule - listen to your loyal fanbase! The long term fans are the ones that have supported BF, and been there all these years; it's NOT the SJW's who don't even play the game, you should be pandering to.

The real issue for me is not about women, or customisations or even historical accuracy. The real issue for me is that EA and to a lesser extent - DICE, have all but lost touch with their fanbase. They are so blinded by Fortnite, Overwatch and COD that they're let go of what BF is supposed to be. Much more importantly, they've completely lost touch as to why the fanbase chose to play BF and not fortnight or PUBG.

I hope for the sake of the future of the franchise and for DICE as a studio that they learn their lesson. EA is notorious for chopping off the hand that feeds them. I'll never forgive them for shutting down Visceral Games

Kyizen90d ago

Glad you played it and decided they didnt do what their fans wanted...

Skull52190d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Could be the greatest Battlefield ever made but since they basically told me to go F myself and not buy the game that is exactly what I’m going to do.

A shame too, I was looking forward to a WWII Battlefield again, guess I’ll be waiting another decade. Hopefully by then they’ll have learned their lesson.

ArchangelMike90d ago (Edited 90d ago )


You do know that they had two Alpha test right? But besides that what reason do you have for why the pre-orders are 85% below that of BLOPS 4; especially when pre-orders for BF1 were tracking higher than for COD:WWII?

elazz90d ago

To me it's the disrespect they have towards everything that happened in the setting. The theater war for world War 2 is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. So a grounded realistic setting that as a game is fun to play but still for you to understand what happened is what I wanted to see. So an epic scale realistic WW2 shooter.

No single Dutch person in the Rotterdam trailer, female soldiers with bionic arms, no sovjet army (yet), forced battle Royale, fake customizations and probably emotes too.

I mean I can live with playing (actually very excited) a woman that's trying to escape in Norway and protect her family which is one of the stories but I don't want to see or play with bionic soldiers online or in historical inaccurate settings. That's not what Battlefield has ever been about. This should have the technological leap from Bf1942 in the same way that BF3 succeeded BF2.

Worst of all are the comments made by execs of dice and ea who are just rude towards the community that bought almost all BF games released

elazz90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Just checked some jackfrags gameplay and yes, the game does look good but that is because the customization option isn't used to the fully (beta and from how people chose to look, all very grounded) so I didn't see any weird things. However I do expect that to happen when the game is released.

shaggy230390d ago


I get where you are coming from, however saying that previous Battlefields have always been about accurate historic settings is stretching the truth a tad.

Look at BF1 for example, a huge amount of weapons, tanks etc didn't even make it to the battlefield, either because the war ended before they could get them into mass production, or because it never even got of the design table.

Look at the huge hulking plate armour class in BF1, that never happened.

I agree that the whole bionic arms thing is very jarring, but for me, I would rather give the devs the benefit of the doubt and actually try the game before portraying "its a failure" and lose out on potentially a great game.

Gh05t90d ago


It doesnt have to be a "real" war simulator. But when people talk about it not being realistic it is because it stretches past these peoples REALM of possibilities for most people to the point that it sucks our immersion of the game out. It is a literal disconnect and reminds us just how "unreal" it is. Most people couldnt tell you if the tank or weapon used feels like or was in WWI. But most people dont look at a WWII soldier with a mohawk and blue face paint and go "Oh yeah, that totally happened."

These are two different types of realism we are talking about.

Dirtnapstor90d ago

There is no bionic arm...smh. The whole deal with the prosthetic arm is indeed silly and should not have been included, but come on, don't say erroneous things just to be a sharp stick.

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Newmanator90d ago

I don't agree with this. They have a Single Player, Multiplayer, and Battle Royals. They removed loot boxes and competitive micro transactions. How can you say they don't listen to their fans?

ArchangelMike90d ago

@ Newmanator

When fans voiced concerns that the cosmetics DICE were introducing would fundamentally change the tone of the, DICE/EA basically, did not listen to the concern, nor did they taken on board the suggestion of being able to turn of the presentation of other player customisations. They basically dig their heels and and said the fanbase were uneducated, misogynists, and that they should not buy the game if they don't like it.

That's definitely NOT how you engage with your fanbase, and demonstrates that you don't care to listen and take on board fan feedback.

cabbitwithscissors90d ago

Every time I read bad news and tidings for EA, I smile a little. Am I bad ?

RememberThe35790d ago

I haven't pre ordered BFV and I won't but not for any of the reason you've mension. You sound a little self rightous and anytime I hear whining about "SJWs" I toon out. But to me it's more about the over all BF experience. I'm not sure what it is anymore.

I like that they fixed the guns and I love customization and the freedom their taking with the setting. They've gotten rid of Premium (I think that's what did the real damage here) and destruction is back in a real way. But I've played BF for so long it's more about the little things. No matter what they tell us team work has become less and less important, continuity between what is seen on screen and what actually happened in game has stayed inconsistent at best, basic interaction with the environment have stayed at PS3 levels, getting your character cought on a brick or trail track is unbelievable in this day and age. It's that polish that we lose with these yearly installs. Take a damn break and make the best game you can otherwise, I'm done buying what they're selling. (Until it's on sell right after launch 😅)

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majiebeast90d ago

Go woke go broke.

Man 80% behind blops 4 is an insane number.

Omnisonne90d ago

Nah they won't. But we can hope the loss in sales might give them a nudge

XiNatsuDragnel90d ago

No offense but EA deserves this

1-pwnsause-190d ago

EA can go die for all I care they need to pay for all the stupidity they’ve cause in the last 4-5 years... the worse part is the continue to “promise” cunsumers they’re gonna “change” what a load of bull...

sander970290d ago

Step 1: Fill your game which is a sequel in a beloved franchise with historical revisionism and make it like Fortnight mixed with CoD.
Step 2: Tell your fanbase they are misogynists and that they shouldn't buy the game if they can't accept this new direction.
Step 3: Nobody buys your game because a majority of people don't live in your bubble world of radical feminism.
Step 4: ????
Step 5: No profits!!!

The 10th Rider90d ago

Step 4: Conclude the game didn't sell because people don't like WW2, since misogynists and haters are just a supposed "vocal minority", and avoid WW2 like the plague for the next 15 years.