Amazon officially axes ad-free viewing on Twitch and Prime Discounts on games

Amazon has officially axed the 20% on games and ad-free viewing via However, there are some other major changes on the way.

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Araragifeels 91d ago

Might as well start boycotting. I love the 20% off pre-order. Getting $12 once you pre ordering is great but getting $10 after finallt getting charged for a game and it will expire in 60 days so you can't really stack up the money.

Araragifeels 91d ago

Getting a $12 discount once you pre-order is great but getting $10 after finally getting charged for a game is now is bad specially that it will expire in 60 days*

I wouldn't care of I was allow to stack on $10 without expiring withing a year but 60 days is nuts.

rainslacker90d ago

The $10 promotion seems more like those coupons you get from any given store from time to time that has a limited time coupon you can use for a certain time as an incentive to get people to come back into the store.

To me, those are free, and it seems that Amazon wants us to pay for the privalege of getting one.

Not that I wouldn't likely use a lot of them, but they said they're only on select games, and I have a feeling it's not going to be the games that they are having pricing disputes now with some publishers. basically most that they don't have available for pre-order so they don't have to give the discount on them(Sony and Sega that I know about).

I wouldn't even be surprised if its only on games which have a higher mark up to them...which pretty much removes any AAA highly anticipated and marketed game. Their video streaming hasn't been all that enticing lately either, so I'm wondering if it might be cheaper to just pay for shipping when it comes up. I've had prime for years before they offered the 20% promotion, and i said when they started it I can't see it lasting long because I know what the mark ups are on games....but I just don't order as much from Amazon anymore, and when it went from $80 to $120/yr, I suddenly started seeing a lot less value in it. The only reason I renewed the last time was for the pre-order discounts.

Nodoze91d ago

Amazon is getting to be a bit too much. They are getting cheap. Working their employees to the bone, skimping on services, faltering on packaging (i have received many, many damaged goods), selling grey market or outright counterfeit items....and all the while raising rates. Why have Prime at all?

twiggytree1290d ago

"faltering on packaging (i have received many, many damaged goods)"

100% agreed, I recently ordered a Marvel Legends figure and they shipped it in what was basically a seal-able grey plastic bag. There was no bubble padding on the interior or anything, my order was intact luckily but i'm not going to risk it again.

rainslacker90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I stopped ordering collectors editions from them because I haven't gotten one without a damaged box in over a year. Probably 10-15 CE's all with some sort of damage to the box. They just throw it in a bigger box, sometimes with one or two of those puffy bags, and not nearly enough protection. I got a couple replaced because I happened to get a good CSR, but most of the time they either don't have anymore, or say its not enough damage. Then they want to charge me a restocking fee to send it back. I let it go a few times when they were 20% off, but since they stopped that a while ago, I figured if I'm paying top dollar, then I want it in new condition. I take my collecting seriously.

I've gotten a couple regularly packaged games with the box sleeve torn, or plastic ripped in some way....even if it still had the shrinkwrap in tact. That could be remedied by using some bubble bags, which would probably cost them 1/2 cent more per bag. That's how much more it would cost me to get the same sized bag with bubbles when I order them in multiples of 500....and you know Amazon is getting them in multiples of tens of thousands. On top of that, all the ones I get can be resealed to be used again by the customer should they so choose. They're plain white, but the customer doesn't care. Instead of buying printed bags with Amazon Prime painted all over it, they should put that money into plain envelopes with bubble protection. It'd likely be cheaper. their label is plenty enough to tell its from Amazon. One return of a damaged product would lose them more than they'd lose on 12,000 bags based on my estimates.

Magnus91d ago

My favorite was preorder a game on Amazon the release date arrives phone Amazon asked where my game was and they told me they didn't get the game in stock.

OpenGL90d ago

Funny that this is coming along with a price hike.

rainslacker90d ago

I've noticed they always have some other bad news to coincide with that. Maybe to distract from the price hike.

I wonder how much is too much for people. It's a service with lots of other services attached, and there comes a point where not everyone wants all those services, so you get a lot of people paying for things they don't want.

If they just had a free shipping service for $50-60 a year, I'd pay that. But $120/yr for that, maybe a $10 coupon once in a while now, and a streaming service which I use intermittently and wouldn't miss if I didn't have it is more than I can justify.

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